Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love...and Read

March 8 to 14 is "Read an E-Book Week." The celebration even has its own website, here. I'm a fan of e-books, and much of my reading is done that way. It's not perfect, but e-reading is becoming a little more prevalent and acceptable these days.

I was interested to hear on NPR the other day that a college in Missouri is going to all e-textbooks for their students. Wow--that's big, isn't it? Read it--or listen, if you prefer, here.

Many thanks to everyone who visited Sia McKye's blog yesterday. I had such fun with it, and Sia is a wonderful hostess. Blogger short-circuited in the late afternoon, but the blog is back, so if you missed reading and/or commenting, this is the link.

I stayed up late last night to finish reading Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. What a journey she had, geographically, spiritually, emotionally... No wonder this book was a best seller for such a long time. Over five million copies in print!?! I borrowed this hardcover from my local library--a resource many of us are rediscovering. Thank you, library! But--yay--to go along with our theme, the book is also available in electronic format. Here's the Fictionwise page.


  1. Magdalena, the blog was fun yesterday--until it disappeared. Blogger's been doing a lot of strange tricks lately. I think they have a few glitches to work out with all the new features they've added and it sometimes throws a monkey wrench into the works.

    E-books. I have several on my computer right now. Unfortunately, I can only read for short periods of time. Does a number on these old eyes. Even writing stresses my eyes these days.

  2. Hi, Devon!

    Yes, Blogger has a lot going on these days. I was glad Sia's showed back up again. I need to check and make sure it's still there. ;)

    This may not make a difference for your eyes, but I read recently that if we're not well hydrated, it's hard on eyes, energy level, etc. I've been drinking lots more water, and some PowerAde when I really feel low. I do think it helps.

    Happy writing!