Friday, March 27, 2009

It is what it is...

...and it ain't great photography. But at least here are a few pictures from this evening's booksigning.

Here are Jan Scarbrough and Anya Bast. I sat on the other side of Jan. Not sure if there is a picture of me at all, and if there is, I have an idea I don't want to see it. Having a bad hair week. Oh well.

I was excited to sell out of The Blank Book. Excited and surprised! I hope the purchasers will be happy with it.

Debbie at Barnes & Noble was so nice to work with! This is a lovely store, and we were set up near the coffee shop. Tia Fanning stood near the front door and handed out post cards, bookmarks, etc., from all the authors, to entice customers over our way. Thanks, Tia! (Don't have a picture of her yet. Maybe tomorrow?)

Here is Renee DeMarcus. This was her first booksigning. Yay, Renee! Sorry this picture is so dark. But at least I sorta managed to get a photo of her and her book cover.

Here are Sophia Danu and Sheryl Brennan. This was my first time to meet Sophia in person. We sat together at dinner afterward, which was nice.

I've met Sheryl before, and we've conversed some on email, plus we read each others' blogs. This is one of the great things about booksignings, conferences, and workshops. You get to spend some in-person time with your online friends.

Jennifer Madden, a frequent visitor to Magdalenaville, was also present for the evening's festivities. I just had to give her a hug, because we visit so much online.

I missed getting pictures of a lot of the authors who were there. I hope someone got good pictures, and will put them online too. I saw Maddie James wielding her trusty camera with her usual aplomb.

Okay, now I'm heading to bed. Saturday is the big day of workshops!



  1. Enjoyed the pictures and info on the booksigning. I hope you all had lots of fun.

    I must get your book. The cover is very appealing and pulls the reader into the story before even opening the first page.

    I'm sure they have it online...I'm going to check now...

    Ruth from

  2. You must have been pretty tired last night... scratch that. You must have been pretty jazzed last night, so thank you for taking time out to post this! And, YAY for you on selling all your books!

  3. Sell out? Well good for you! I can see why you were jazzed and tired.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your take on the workshops.


  4. Hi Magdalena ((waving)) I had such a great time last night. How awesome is it that you sold out of Blank Book!

    I apologize if I seemed a bit oblivious last night. I'm still trying to put faces with names. Like Jennifer Madden, who I talked to for a while and it didn't hit me who she was until this morning. Sorry Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Sounds like you had a good time Magdalena! So very glad! Wish I could have been there.


  6. Hello Madalena! It was very nice to meet you last night. I had such a great time. Congrats on your success!

  7. Ruth, we missed you. Hope you are doing well. One thing about The Blank Book--it has some chuckles in it. Enjoy :)

    Devon, I thought of you this weekend, too. And Sia--our speakers were so good. I'm not sure how many hours Alicia Rasley could have talked and still had me absolutely riveted. WOW.

    Sheryl, it was good to see you, however briefly, last night. Sorry you couldn't be with us today.

    Leah, you worked so hard as treasurer to make sure all was taken care of for this. Thank you!

    Sophia, I guess you had a safe trip home, too. :) Enjoyed visiting with you at dinner.

  8. Magdalena, I really enjoyed seeing you too. Seems like we didn't get a lot of talk time, but I'm sure I'll see you again one of these days.
    Sheryl, don't worry about it. Anonymity is good.

  9. Just let me know what color we're wearing next time, Jennifer. I was glad I managed to find something purple so I fit in with "our" side of the table.

    Of course you know I ended up bringing that bag of dark chocolate home with me. I just hate that. ;)