Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tomorrow I'll head down to Lexington, KY for the big Kentucky Romance Writers event. Whether or not I'll have with me the things I need is yet to be seen.

Why is that? Because I've lost my list! Of all the crazy things, when I was ready to start throwing clothes, toothbrush, bookmarks, etc. into a bag, I glibly opened Word to print my packing checklist. I always print my packing checklist, and check things off, so I know exactly where I am. When all the lines are checked, I zip the bag.

I've looked everywhere I can think of, and even did a search. I'm just posting this as a warning to anyone I may see this weekend. If you notice my shoes don't go with my outfit, or if I fail to hand you a business card, it's likely because the correct shoes and the newly minted cards didn't get packed. Sheesh.



  1. You sound like my step-mom, who has lists of lists. No lie. And she totally sinks too without her papers.
    You'll be fine.

  2. I want a list of lists! How cool!

    I found an old list (1998) on the ancient computer that's almost never used. Only took forever, but now I have the list, and have updated, and started making checkmarks.

    I's sad to be this way.

  3. I was going to tell you, you'll be fine, but I see you found your list. :o) Instead, I'll just say, have a great time this weekend and I hope you sell a bunch of books!

  4. Thanks, Devon! Yes, I found the list and now have nearly everything checked off.

  5. Pack your promo stuff, your books, and your red dress. That's all you need.

  6. Jennifer--you and your red dress!