Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet my Conscience. Her name is Shannon.

She’s not my Conscience for everything, of course. Her specialty is being my Writing Conscience. And to make it even more fun and exciting, she’s my cousin.

Shannon was a lovely First Birthday gift to me, just a couple of months late. For years I thought her purpose on this earth was to give me somebody to play with in a family full of boy cousins.

She is one of my biggest encouragers, and likes to keep up with what I’m doing. I usually email her part of a story when it’s still in draft form. Her reply is generally along the lines of More! Now!

If she doesn’t get More! Now! she tends to get on my case.

Shannon is also a tough editor, an avocation at which she excels. She was the first person to read The Blank Book, and she gave me some gentle but pointed suggestions. I, having been born bull-headed (family trait), glossed over the advice, and entered it in a contest. The judges' feedback was very encouraging... just a coincidence, of course, that their problem with the story mirrored Shannon's. Then I sent it to an agent, who—yeah, you guessed it. Finally, when my editor at Resplendence Publishing told me the same thing, I listened. Duh.

Of course The Blank Book is dedicated to her.

Shannon has read the first draft of Where Her Heart Is. But I haven’t sent her anything more lately. I’m brunching with her today in the city. You know what I think she’s gonna say to me?



  1. LOL! Your cousin Shannon sounds like my sister Shannon. LOL

    I have let my sister read my first 4 book series and each time I would send her a chapter or two, it was never enough- she would want "more now!"

    She's also quick to point out the flaws in my storylines and plot holes and I'm thankful for it. If it glares to my sister, I realize it usually glares at me too when I really take a closer look and it would to anyone else who reads it.

    Thank Heaven for our Shannons!!

  2. Mags, you're so lucky to have a critiquer in the family, and one who (evidently) knows what she's talking about! And cares enough and is interested enough to read your stuff! Have fun and enjoy your brunch today!

  3. Mmmm, she gonna say More! Now!? Sounds like you need to feed your little Shannon and give her more to read, then pluck her little brain. Also sounds like she was maybe an editor in another life. Enjoy her!

  4. Taryn, absolutely, thank Heaven for our Shannons! What a neat coincidence that we each have one. I don't have a sister, but she's the closest thing to it. We even fought rather often as children. Sisters do that, I think... and if they're lucky they become good friends as adults, right?

    Devon, I appreciate the help, encouragement, and not-so-gentle shoves Shannon gives me. I'm fortunate to have other family members who are supportive, too. She's just the most vocal (and so very effective).

    Jennifer, I haven't given her anything new to read YET, but of course as we expected, she wanted MORE! NOW! I avoided a smack on the forehead, but it was a near thing. ;)

    I may blog tomorrow about my different way of looking at the writing schedule. It's something I realized as I was driving home. Thank goodness for light traffic!

  5. Those people who will be honest with us about our writing are so valuable! Glad you have one of those!

  6. I want to hear what you bought at the flea market!

  7. Cheryl,

    What an interesting question, since I haven't mentioned the flea market here! Oh yeah--I mentioned it on YOUR blog!

    The short answer is that I bought my Conscience her birthday present. Her birthday is in December, so of course I immediately called her on the cell to let her know her gift was in hand. So now she gets to wonder about it! Fun, huh?

    The long answer (yes, that was the short answer)... the long answer will be on Sia McKye's blog next Wednesday. However, if you saw the contents of my house, you'd realize I have no business making multiple purchases of STUFF anywhere.

    Thank you for asking about the flea market.