Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Midweek highlights

Spot and I just got back from our walk. He is such a gentleman--even though they were unloading cattle at the fairgrounds (?) he did not bark at all. Even though some obnoxious small dogs ran out of their yard and barked at us, Spot stood and looked at them, with his tail up, ready to make friends. Um...since he towered above them, they decided (a)not to risk a new friendship, and (b)to go back into their yard. Gotta love a guy with good manners, right?

Spot had his first haircut of the season yesterday. He looks even more handsome than usual! And I think he feels younger than his ten years. He is too excited about it to even let me take his picture, though. Sorry about that!

Therefore, I offer you daffodils. The ones in our yard are blooming, the day is as sunny as this picture, and we are just plain jazzed. Aren't we, Spot? Well, he's napping, but let me tell you, he's jazzed.

A couple of other things if you have time:

We have a guest at SisterWriters today. Go here to read about Toni V. Sweeney. Also, this is the Wednesday book blurb day, so if you'd like some reading suggestions, go to Barbara Vey's Publishers Weekly blog here.

Have a lovely day!



  1. The daffodils are out here, too, and forsythia! My dwarf magnolia was blooming before the big ice and snow the other day (you didn't get that one, but we had 4 inches of yuck down here at the end of last week).

    When Spot settles down maybe you can post a picture of his new haircut. He's such a cutie! :o)

  2. Sheesh. This puppy dog is such a scene stealer. ;)

    Jennifer--I thought you're sick? Are you better now?

    Devon--Sorry you got that four inches of yuck. I'm glad the daffodils and forsythia survived it. Magnolias don't do well here, even in a good year. Did you get any bloomin' pictures?

    I'll try again for a haircut picture. Just so you don't worry, I always leave his face fuzzy.

  3. Isn't it beautiful outside? That's why my writing is suffering. I did my own walk today, down our road, and counted 17 dogs within a mile stretch, one a Shit-zhu with a little pink dress on. I knew there were a lot, but I didn't know that many.
    Daffodils are blooming here too, and tulips are beginning to sprout. Can't wait for the Honeysuckle to bloom.
    Hi Spot.

  4. Well, Jennifer, I can't blame the weather for my pathetic word count. I can only blame myself, cuz even with icky weather I'm not getting much done on *any* wip!

    You sure have a doggy neighborhood. Let me count...there are twelve, I think, on the two mile route I walk. Some are big, some are little. Some are obnoxious and some are just territorial. None of them wear pink dresses--at least not in public.

    I'm a honeysuckle fan, too. Mmm!