Monday, March 2, 2009

No broken bones! Twice in one week!

Have you ever ridden inside a concrete mixer? No--I don't mean inside the cab. I mean in the part that goes around, tumbling its contents of rocks and water and goop. Have you ever ridden inside that? I'm guessing people aren't allowed to. Cuz it would be really, really dangerous. And it would hurt.

I haven't ridden inside one, either. But I have an idea what it might feel like if I had.

Saturday night the dog and I went out into the yard so he could take care of business. I thought business was finished, and was ready to head back to the house. But he saw a rabbit, and took off. Although he only weighs about forty pounds, when he moves like that, suddenly extending the retractable leash to its full length, it's all I can do to stop him. And this time I hadn't seen the rabbit in time, so I wasn't ready. Off he (and the leash) dashed for the rabbit, and down I went into the iris bed. One knee definitely collided with a geode. (These are knobby round rocks.) The rest of me was splayed all over a four-inch PVC pipe, other geodes, and the limestone cistern cover.

I was so afraid my knee was broken. But much to my amazement, I'm fine. No broken bones, twice in one week! Something to celebrate!

I am thankful to be in one piece, and that the rabbit escaped quickly so the dog didn't run very far. When someone with a deeper voice called him, he ran into the house, dragging the retractable leash behind him. I'll admit I hobbled a little more than necessary so he'd fully comprehend what happened. He truly looked sorry for the episode.

All is forgiven, and it'll be forgotten, too--as soon as I stop aching all over.



  1. Good grief, Magdalena! I can't believe you let the dog get you down for the count out in the yard, and in a bed of geodes, no less. I'm very glad nothing is broken, but you were lucky!

  2. Oh my! I'm so glad nothing's broken!

    I still have a weak right ankle from chasing the neighbor dog off when our trash can tipped over and she was getting into the garbage. I didn't remember the fall so much as how quickly the ground rose up to meet me! LOL

    Take good care of that knee and rest it!

  3. Ugh!!! Our knees always take it the worst, don't they. My 84 yo grandfather just got out of the hospital because he fell on his knee, and put a tiny cut on it. 2 days after the fall,the cut was infected with Staff. He was in the hospital for 2 days.
    Take care of yourself! Even little things can get you down.
    Was this the second time the dog pulled you down?

  4. Devon, Taryn, and Jennifer, thank you for your concern! I'm fine. In fact, late this morning I did my regular two mile walk and felt great. Saturday night, and part of Sunday I felt shaken, and I'm still sore. I mostly wrote this because I thought it was funny--after I knew my knee was okay.

    Someone asked me yesterday if Spot has his own blog. Not that I'm aware of, but if he does I'll bet his posts are usually along the line of "You can't get good help these days."

    Jennifer--if he's pulled me down before I don't recall it. (Maybe I landed on my head?) We had a lot of fun when the side yard was an ice rink, because part of the time he could pull me around.

    Probably my fault he's so wild and crazy. He's really one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known.

  5. I just realized maybe everyone was blaming Spot for my other non-broken-bone injury last week. Nope--he was happily settled on the kitchen heat register while I was in the basement rolling a piece of firewood onto my toe.

    Was that last Monday? I think I've left injuries behind me--in the previous week/month. We're good to go now that March is here!