Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh no! The Wheel of Pain!

Aha! Oh YES, The Wheel of Pain! It has finally come to this.

My dad made it for my birthday a few years ago. You may be amazed--I know I am--that he did this at my request. He'd had one and used it a lot, and I knew I needed to use one, so...

But then, my dad was always a pretty fit guy. As in, he had the same waist size his entire adult life. He worked hard to eat and exercise and stay in good shape.

And then there's me, his only child. Um...

So anyway, The Wheel of pain is basically a lawnmower wheel with an axle. Mine is fancier than the one he used, because it has padded handles. (The "girly" version?)

You get on your knees, and roll forward until you feel your stomach muscles (I seem to still have some). Then roll back to the original position. Do it slowly. Yesterday I did ten repetitions ("reps"), but today I may do a few more. This is also good exercise for my back and arms. But don't worry--I won't give you daily updates on my Wheel of Pain reps. That would be boring (and possibly embarrassing).

Some people think I've given this exercise machine a funny name. And then they try it once, and nearly fall on their chin. It isn't nice to laugh when people do that, and I almost never do laugh. But I think anyone who's used the Wheel of Pain does recognize that its name is appropriate.

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today I'm going to go walking, roll a few with the Wheel of Pain, and work on edits. It just doesn't get much better than that, huh?



  1. Oh, Magdalena. You named it well. That thing looks like absolute torture. Not being an exercise person myself, all exercise devices look scary to me.

  2. Good morning, Devon!

    Yep, "absolute torture" is pretty descriptive. But at least now I'm done with it for the day.

  3. Magdalena, As soon as I get this knee of mine operated on,I'd love to try one again. I remember using one back a few years ago and it is good to strengthen the abominals which in turn help with your back. I fractured mine in '04. but with this stooopid knee I can't get on my knees right now. Sigh...heck, I can't even walk like I used to--2 miles a day.

    So my mantra of late has been, as soon as you have surgery and are cleared...lolol!

  4. Welcome to Magdalenaville, Sia!

    That knee sounds awful! I hope you're able to have the surgery soon and get back to fun things like the Wheel of Pain.

  5. Wow! Never seen anything like that. You sure your dad wasn't mad at you when he made you that?
    Truly, it does look like it could be a good workout. I'll stick with Gilad.

  6. Jennifer, my son is home on spring break, and even though his main "workout" is on a computer keyboard, he is putting me to shame on the Wheel of Pain. He can stretch out almost flat and then roll back into beginning position. That's what my dad did too, even when he was in his sixties. (Maybe later; not sure.)