Friday, March 13, 2009

On the mountain

I must apologize to those who tried to converse with me yesterday afternoon, as I was not here. I was on the mountain.

I had a few edits for Where Her Heart Is. Very few--but I also needed to add a couple of paragraphs to my ending. This meant I got to read the entire story (yay! love it!) to be certain my ending did it justice. So I was in Legend, Tennessee, yesterday, which may have been a bit frustrating to anyone who was trying to have a conversation with me here.

I finished in a big satisfying whoosh and emailed to my editor! Now I can barely wait for the e-book release date in June. I guess since I emerged from the Legend, Tennessee area, in a way I'd come down off the mountain, but in a way I was still up there. Still there this morning, in fact. What a great feeling!

If you're also in a festive mood--or would like to be--check out Barbara Vey's blog. She's been having a week-long second anniversary party, and today's partiers are the Contemporary, Historical, Erotica, E-book, and Audio communities. You can imagine what that mix looks like when partying... Well, maybe you can't. I'll give you a link so you can find out. Authors and publishers have donated piles and piles of prizes, which are given away each day. (I donated an electronic copy of The Blank Book for today. Big surprise, huh?)

To be eligible for a prize, all you have to do is post a comment there. Be sure to go back and comment again Saturday to have a chance at the grand prize--a $150 Amazon gift certificate! Here is Friday's party.

As you may recall, this is my day to blog at SisterWriters. Happy Friday, all!



  1. Congratulations! Very few edits is terrific, and getting them finished and out the door feels like Heaven. :o)

  2. Thanks, Devon! Yes, it does feel great!

  3. hey Mags! Glad to see your time on the mountain was productive! In stead of go tell it on the Mountains, you go write it in the mountains, lolol! Good job with not having many edits to do. Glad it done and gone.

    Another story set in Legend. I really want to read this series. :-)

  4. Hey, Sia! Yep, I think once you get started reading about Legend (or in my case, writing about Legend) you're hooked.

    It's a very special place. Have you been to the website? All the books are listed in order there, with blurbs, etc.: