Thursday, March 12, 2009


I don't really push a cart of books around with me all the time. I also don't sell books out of the back of the Jeep, though it's tempting. I tell myself I'm a real writer who has books in bookstores (not true) and that anyone who can't get to those bookstores will beat a path to my pages on Resplendence Publishing, Amazon, Fictionwise, Mobipocket, etc., etc. (Also not true.)

But even though I'm trying to convince myself of those things, I still do shameless promotion on pretty much a daily basis. Evidently I enjoy it.

So it isn't a surprise that when I went to pick up my tax returns, and realized I had met the receptionist in another setting a few years ago, and that she had been interested in the fact that I yearned to be a published romance novelist, I gave her post cards for the books, and a business card. She was duly encouraging--bless her heart--and said most of the women in the office read, and that they would buy the books and share them. Yay!

And it probably isn't a surprise that I went to the local library the other day to view the results of my shameless promotion there. I had an extra copy of Ladies of Legend: Finding Home and A Legendary Christmas, which I donated, and the library bought a copy of The Blank Book. I wandered around looking for them, and finally said to the head librarian, "I just wanted to see them on a shelf." She seemed to think that was reasonable enough (instead of weird, which is how it sounded to me). But, she said, "I think they're checked out." She pulled them up on the computer, and sure enough--all three were checked out! Well, yee haw is all I can say to that! And did say something similar, I think.

Last night someone was asking about them and I said they were checked out when I was there. She said she'd call and get on the list. Hey, I wanna know if there is a list! How cool would that be?

My son thinks on a larger scale. He said that, since the Legend series is set in one town but written by four authors--since it seems so unique--why don't Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves and I go on TV? Why don't we go on The View and talk about it? Well, I have to admit, that would get the word out a bit more efficiently than I've managed so far.

So...anybody have a contact at The View that they'd like to share? Is it shameless of me to ask that question?



  1. What a wonderful idea, Magdalena. I wonder if listing does anyone have a contact with The View in your Status and link your blog to it would help?

    You're doing the right things, locally. Promotion is a matter of looking for ways to tout you and your books. But I like how you are personalizing it rather than beating people over the head with it. When you get the chance visit this site: The Marketing Floozy, Pat has a great ideas in the archives.

    I want to thank you for being on Over Coffee!

  2. Sia, thank you for the suggestions!

    Being on "Over Coffee" was fun! I'm so glad you invited me!

  3. Magdalena, promotion is a hard road, so good on you for doing it and even more kudos for enjoying it. I'm still at the curling into a ball stage when someone says the word promo. I'm so pathetic, I've even had a conversation with the grocery checkout girl about western romances--which she reads--and never mentioned that I write them and have one for sale. Waaaahhh!

    I don't have any contacts with "The View" but here's a thought. Have the Sisterwriters ever looked into doing a local morning talk show up there or something? Usually, the small, local stations are very open to human interest stories about local people. And you four gals all being authors and co-authoring several books would surely generate some interest. I would think one of the Louisville papers would be open to doing a story on you guys, too.

    If I happen to think of a showbiz personality I've forgotten about knowing, I'll get back to you. ;o)

  4. Devon, hand the checkout girl a bookmark or business card. She'll be thrilled, I bet!

    Jan was in the Louisville paper a few months ago--I think she has the article on her website--but so far that's it for what we've managed in the metro area. I should try again. Thanks!

    And yes, if you do remember that Barbara Walters owes you a favor, let me know. ;)