Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sleeping Tiger

I'm re-reading Sleeping Tiger by Rosamunde Pilcher. I've had the paperback for years. It's, um, on my Rosamunde Pilcher Shelf. That would be near my Agatha Christie Shelf. Small wonder that one of the things on the list of Fifty Things To Do Before I Die involves a visit to England, Ireland, and Scotland, huh?

Last week on my library visit, I picked up a novel in a wildly popular current series. I gave the novel my traditional twenty pages to catch my interest, but never made it to page twenty-one.

Instead, I went to my Rosamunde Pilcher Shelf, which I haven't done in quite some time, and chose at random. My copy (with a different cover than the one shown here) was printed in 1989, though the book was originally copyrighted in 1967!

I was immediately pulled into the life of a young British woman named Selina Bruce, who is soon to marry a very suitable young man. Selina yearns for information about the father she never knew. She goes searching for him, but finds something else entirely. *sigh*

It's not as if I don't have a towering TBR pile (both physical and electronic). It will still be there when I'm ready for it, I suppose. For now, though, I'm revisiting a delightful small town and beautifully-drawn characters. Who knows? Besides being entertained, maybe I'll learn something.



  1. Magdalena, you've touched on one of my pet gripes about "current" books, but rather than write a tome on your comments, I'll save it for a blog post. ;o)

    I've never read any Rosamunde Pilcher, but before I started reading romance, I devoured every RF Delderfield I could get my hands on. He wrote wonderful family sagas set on the British Isles-- God is an Englishman and A Horseman Riding are two that immediately come to mind.

    Enjoy your "old" book. And know that you're not alone. Readers out there are clamoring for current books with more depth and "story," but NY isn't listening.

  2. Devon, thank you for sharing your perspective on this. I look forward to your blog post concerning your pet gripes about "current" books.

    I'll have to check out Delderfield. I'll betcha he's in the library!