Saturday, March 21, 2009


Spring arrived yesterday, and the weather in Magdalenaville was beautiful. I'm grateful to live in a part of the world that has four seasons.

I hope we're done with ice storms and blizzards--and that we won't need another load of firewood.

With the arrival of Spring, I'm really feeling the need for a change. Maybe this afternoon I'll dig out the summer clothes, even though it's not really warm enough to wear most of them. Perhaps the summer things can cheer up the rest of the [mostly black] clothes in my closet.

There is a fun Springish shopping outing today... I'm looking for a bell for a certain almost-six-year-old's birthday bike.I suppose, while I'm out, I could buy myself a pair of awesome stiletto sandals. That would make good spring decor (no way could I walk in them, however).
Or--hey--maybe I should change my hair. Probably not going to do anything drastic with color, different style? Here's a clip art gal whose style I like. In fact, I wore this style for several years, and loved it.

Well, mine was longer on top and shorter in the back, and it was wavy--but it was kinda like this.

Of course there's always yard work. There's a delightful harbinger of Spring. (Remember the sun block!)

What are you doing to welcome Spring?



  1. Oh, yes, spring is here. And I do think the snow and ice are done with (although I'll be just as excited to see them coming in a few months too, well, maybe not the ice part). If you go shopping there are a lot of good deals going on right now with stores trying to get rid of their winter stuff. I just bought the kids a huge bunch of jeans. And I think the haircut is a wonderful idea. I just had 6 inches cut off mine, and I feel so refreshed. Have fun!!!

  2. Yesterday I thought about hunting down the storage bin with my summer blouses in it. But since most of them are cotton, that would require washing and (gasp) ironing. So I put that off until later.

    Still too early to put out any flowers. We don't do bulbs because we're already to capacity with them and they're coming up nicely.

    I think just knowing the season changed on the calendar yesterday makes me feel optimistic for pretty weather. We're getting lots of sunshine and the grass is growing (in patches). Yesterday, hubby made a comment about mowing soon.

  3. I'm a little further south than you, and boy howdy, we'd better be over ice storms for the year and I don't even want to think about seeing a snowflake for at LEAST 9 months. *shaking my fist at the sky.

    I made a list of things that needed to be done. Wash the north side of the house--it's starting to look a little green, get the flower beds ready to go, and then there are the Dane pens that need enlarging by 60 feet this year. oh and work on the barn roof and then theres the patio area. And then I looked at the inside of the house and made a list.

    I sat down and drank some coffee and actually LOOKED the these lists. I was exhausted, so I went and took a nap. Does that work for change? lolol!

  4. Spring is my favorite season. We have the early garden ready to be put out. I enjoy the smell of the dirt turning over as I till through it. I do have my sandals out to wear back to school after spring break. Oh, yes, my toes and I do love spring! Jonell

  5. Jennifer--SIX INCHES?!? That's amazing. Of course I don't have six inches of hair, but yeah, I'm still pondering this. I have a hair appointment Monday...

    Well, all we bought was the bike bell. We don't really need clothes, but it's such fun to look at the spring styles.

    And--oh--found a little bookstore people had told me about. New and used. I talked to the guy about maybe having my books there, and maybe doing a signing, and gave him a business card. I have the owner's email address so I can see what might work out there.

    Sheesh. I never give it a rest, do I?

  6. Devon, I'd love to see a yard where bulbs have reached capacity! You'll have to post pictures sometime.

    I just said the other day, I should have a Thanksgiving Day ritual of planting bulbs. We have daffodils and tulips, but could have MORE. Love to see their cheery color!

    I haven't dragged out the clothes yet, either. Just got home and having some tea.

  7. Sia,

    I think I need a nap after reading your lists.

    If I made a list of all the things that need to be done around here, I'd fill up most of the stack of blank books I have in yon corner.

    Good luck with the Dane pen. That sounds like a blog in the making. ;)

  8. Jonell,

    I'm glad you and your toes are happy about spring!

    We were talking broccoli plants this afternoon, and I wondered how *few* broccoli plants I can get by with. Maybe you and I can make a deal on that.