Monday, March 16, 2009

Swirling Hearts

Here is a picture of the inside of my brain. There are hearts swirling all over the place.

I can't decide which project to work on next.

A sequel to Where Her Heart Is with minor characters Greg Andrews and Chloe McClain as the hero and heroine?

A sequel to The Blank Book? I've had several suggestions: Kate's story; Barb's story; how Robert found Alice when he didn't know her real name, or where she lived; the story of Robert and Alice's child who, as an adult, discovers the Blank Book and uses it?

The story of Wendy and David, which I've been writing off and on for several years?

The story of Robert McClain and Shelley, which I've been mulling inside my heart-swirled brain two years?

The story of Darilyn which I wrote as a NaNoWriMo novel a while ago. Not sure...three years?

The story of Elizabeth and Joe, an inspirational set in frontier days? Yikes. We're talking twenty years on this one.

The story of Charles and Dorothy...

I'm not like some writers. I can't work on more than one project at a time.

My brain hurts. But at least it's pretty in there.



  1. Oh, pretty! And psychadelic (sp?)! If you want a real challenge, pick up the one you did 20 years ago. I dare ya. Plus, from a very selfish standpoint, I'd love it if you wrote a historical. :o) But, oh wait, we're not supposed to do that. You write contemps. That's what your readers will expect. I say, write whichever story you feel most passionate about.

  2. Devon, I thought of you when I mentioned the historical. ;)

    Still swirling...thanks!

  3. Now, I'm the reverse. I tend to jump back and forth to keep things from getting stale. If I hit a road block, I switch to another story until I can work out that roadblock.
    Which story appeals to YOU the most? Whick story are you wondering about yourself? Readers can tell when you're passionate about something, so go with the one you most want to see happen.
    Love your new look, by the way.

  4. Jennifer, I'm glad you like the new paint I slapped up on the walls of Magdalenaville. ;)

    I've been doing some story-hopping lately, with marginal results. It's not something I'm good at.

  5. oh, mine! I want them all!! I can't wait! Jonell

  6. Sit down and write it. Whichever of these promising couples needs their story told most desperately will beat on your brain the hardest. I do like the other Jennifer's idea. Sometimes working on another project helps to get the current one out of the rut.

  7. Well, the Jennifers are in agreement. Good advice from both of you!

    Thanks for the "I want them all" vote, Jonell. ;)