Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week's blog winner

Congratulations to Angela Arand of Louisville, KY (center), the winner of this week's drawing at Girls' Night Out. With her are Melonie Cox and Amanda Ernspiker.

As to her favorite book, she said, "Too many to choose from. I just love to be sucked in from the beginning." Can't help hoping that will happen to her with Legend!

There was a big turnout this week, including the Chocolate Fountain Lady--yay! My booksigning friend and I had a yummy dinner before the event was scheduled to begin, but also indulged in a couple of things from the Fountain. Here is my plate afterward. I would have licked the chocolate off, but it seemed indelicate.

It was dark chocolate, too. Oh my.

After I loaded the Big Rolling Bag of Booksigning Fun into Liberty Ann, I sighed--because it was truly a beautiful night. How lovely to have just sat on the patio for a while and enjoyed it. But instead I took a picture to share with you.


NOTE: If you want to be a special guest at Friday's Kentucky Oaks Party at the SisterWriters blog, be sure and email me your photo by midnight Thursday, April 30.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kentucky Oaks Party is Friday--where is your hat?!?

Okay, I did figure out what I could do for a Derby-related post on Friday. I got the idea from a comment Jennifer Johnson put on the SisterWriters blog, about women wearing hats to the Derby. The SisterWriters are saluting the Kentucky Derby this week, and Friday is my SisterWriters day...

Anyway, we're going to have a Kentucky Oaks Party. Friday is the day the fillies run, if you didn't know it, and since most of my readers (I think) are female, what better way to celebrate?

Everyone is invited to SisterWriters for the party, but the special guests will be wearing hats! So put on a hat, email me a picture, and voila, you are a special guest! (Probably. I will need to observe certain content rules, like you should also be wearing clothes.) I need the pictures by midnight on Thursday to get everything put together and the post up by mid-morning Friday.

Send your hat pictures to magdalena.scott (at) Don't forget the dot between my first and last name. And please put the word "hat" in the subject line.

Yay for thinking outside the [hat] box!


Derby week

All this week at SisterWriters blog, we're saluting the Kentucky Derby. Please join us for Derby insight, excerpts from Jan Scarbrough's horse racing-related romance novels, and Derby Party food on Saturday.

Not sure how I'm going to bring anything of worth to the celebration, but I have until Friday to figure that out. I'm open to suggestions...

In the meantime, visit SisterWriters and see what's going on today!


P.S. On Thursday I will post this week's blog winner from Tuesday night's drawing at Kingfish.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Closing the door

I still need to type my notes from Tara Taylor Quinn's presentation at the conference this weekend. I've promised to email them to Jennifer Madden, whose notes were deleted.

What I keep thinking about was when someone asked Tara about her writing day. She said she leaves the house when her husband leaves, drives somewhere and buys a Diet Coke "on the way to work," then goes back to her house and into her office. Although it is attached to their home, her office has an outside entry. She works all day (I think she takes a lunch hour), then leaves work when her husband comes home. Unless she's behind on a deadline, she keeps to this schedule. Seems to work rather well for her too. She has four books published a year.

Now, this isn't the kind of substantive stuff a normal person's notes will contain. But of course, I'm not normal. I always enjoy hearing little tidbits like this, mulling them over, and deciding what to do with them.

Don't look for me to switch from coffee and tea to Diet Coke any time soon, but I may get better at closing the door while I write.



I'm also at my publisher's blog today.

It's Girls' Night Out--Country Style again tonight. I'll be there unless something major comes up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Adopted: Outback Baby by Barbara Hannay

I've finally been getting some reading done lately, as you may have noticed. This one, Adopted: Outback Baby, by Barbara Hannay, is a finalist for the pretigious Rita Award given by Romance Writers of America.

Again, this is not a review (aack! I'm not worthy to review!), but it is a recommendation. I recommend this book if you like sweet romance, especially one in which a years-old wrong is finally made right. Much of the story takes place in the Australian Outback, which I also consider a plus. And the hero and heroine are thirty-nine years old, an age I can almost remember.

If you're into e-reading, the book is available in ebook from Harlequin, where you can read the blurb.

To learn more about the author, read blurbs and excerpts, and follow buy links for her impressive list of novels, go to her website. She also writes a lovely blog. (If you remember our party a few months ago to celebrate my book video, the chocolate cake recipe came from Barbara's blog. Shame on her.)

I wrote this entry a week or so ago, but kept having to bump it because other things came along. I'm tickled to add a sentence letting you know that Barbara was here in Magdalenaville on Sunday, and commented on my clip art life from last week. Isn't that sweet? She is on the list of writers I'd love to meet some day. Just not a bit sure how to get my ebooks autographed when I meet my favorite authors...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Report from Dogwood

The short version of my report: Wow. The Dogwood Writing Conference was great. Definitely want to go back next year--balcony or not. (And even if the laptop refuses to connect to the internet.)

Here is Jennifer Johnson holding her wonderfully funny romance, The Jinx. I put a recommendation here a few weeks ago. Run--do not walk--to Amazon or Wild Rose Press and buy your copy. This was my first in-person time with Jennifer, with whom I've conversed online for a while. When she walked into the room and someone confirmed for me who she was, I had to go give her a great big hug. What a wonderful young woman. And--oh! Happy birthday, Jennifer!

Here is a picture from the interactive workshop Maddie James did, on "Ditching the Rules" of writing. Excellent, excellent workshop! I told her she should take this one on the road. All the Saturday presentations were great, and the Friday writing exercises were fun (yet educational) workouts of our writing muscles.

Saturday's keynote speaker, Tara Taylor Quinn, also participated with us on Friday. In fact, she altered her Saturday presentation to meet the needs of our group. I was very impressed by that. Of course I didn't manage a picture of her, but you can see one and read about her at her website.

Here is Cathie Shaffer, doing her workshop on "Setting the Hook with Setting." I was enthralled. Cathie is one of the fun, energetic people of KYOWA who put on this conference each year. So is Jennifer. I'm a member, but this was my first time to even attend a meeting... oh yeah, we didn't have a meeting, just the conference. So I still haven't attended a meeting. But just have to say, KYOWA is an amazing writers' group.

Cathie also gave me a tour of Downtown Greenup, Kentucky, which totally made up for not having a balcony room. And losing my name tag. And not being able to sleep well, or make coffee in the little coffeemaker. Downtown Greenup is just that amazing.

Meet KYOWA member Mary Shortridge and her brother, Robert Hendricks, Fire Chief from Lexington/Fayette County. He was a Saturday speaker. Mary gave a workshop Saturday, "Creative Journaling--Preventing Writer's Block." And she led us through some of the writing exercises on Friday.

I wish I had a picture of Angie Lewis, who led another Friday exercise. She also designed the official bookmark for the event, which is a keeper for sure. So talented! I'd like to see Angie design book covers.

Oh, looky! I do have a picture of Tara Taylor Quinn! She's way in the back, toward the right--in the dark suit and white collar. But my purpose in taking this photo was to show how hard everyone worked. See Jennifer Madden at far left, with her nose to the grindstone? Not sure if this was before or after she told me to get a real camera instead of taking pictures with my phone. That's Lori next to her, and Helen, and Roger.

Gotta go, but I wanted to let you know some of how it went. I don't usually post on Sunday, but I was having withdrawal.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Dogwood Writing Conference

For someone who lives in Indiana, I spend a lot of time in Kentucky, don't I?

This morning I'm heading back to the Bluegrass State. First leg of the trip is to Louisville, where Liberty Ann gets to hang out for a couple of days in Maddie James' garage.

Maddie is letting me ride along with her to the Dogwood Writing Conference, at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park. I haven't stayed in a resort park lodge for years, but last time I did it was wonderful! Just looked at the website, and yes! there is free WiFi. So it's possible I'll put up a blog here tomorrow. I'm hoping for a second floor room with a balcony, too. In last Saturday's blog I wrote about a balcony, so if I could write this Saturday's on a balcony, that would be neat. It's scary the way my mind works, I know.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a couple of days of immersion in the writing life--surrounded by people who talk the talk, and walk the walk. The keynote speaker is Tara Taylor Quinn. This will be my first time to hear her.

Thank you, KYOWA, for sponsoring, organizing, and doing all the big and small things that have given this conference such a good reputation. And thanks, Maddie, for letting Liberty Ann stay at your house.

Cool beans. I'm so excited!


In case you're wondering, I think we're back to Slug Day next Friday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Announcing the birth of Martin McClain

Isn't he cute? He has the dark McClain hair, and unless that's a yawn, he has the McClain temperament, too.

Martin McClain was born this week to proud parents Daniel and Sharon McClain of Legend, Tennessee, on my computer.

Martin will grow up to be big, strong, handsome, and frequently overbearing. He will start a business called McClain Realty, and when Wife One leaves him with his own tiny son, Martin will raise him just fine, with the help of the townfolk, and his big family in and around Legend.

When Martin's son is fourteen years old, Midnight Shelby will sweep into town, all tall and dark and exotic, and knock Martin McClain's world out of its nice simple orbit. (Midnight in Legend, TN, part of the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology.)

But first Martin had to be born, this week, because I'm writing the love story of his aunt and uncle, Christmas 1975. Look for the romance of Charles and Dorothy McClain, Under the Mistletoe, from Resplendence Publishing this September.


Disclaimer: This is a clip art baby, and Martin McClain is a fictional character in the Ladies of Legend book series. Just FYI.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Yay! Winning is fun! Hope Wethington found that out twice last night, because she won two of the drawings at Girls Night Out. The better prize of the two, no doubt, is being featured here and on Sheryl Brennan's blog today.

Well, guess what. Hope didn't want us to post her picture. She wanted us to post pictures of the jewelry she and her friend Katherine Autin make. So, hey, we aim to please, right? And what pretty jewelry it is. I apologize to everyone, though--if I'd known I was going to photograph jewelry, I'd have taken a camera, and not relied on cell phone pictures. I hope you can get some idea of the lovely things they had displayed at their table.

Their company name is Kat 'n Hope Designer Jewelry, and they are based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Here are my intrepid interview questions:

How did you learn about tonight's event? 103.1 Radio

Favorite book? Pride and Prejudice

Interesting bit of information about you:
We are jewelry designers and work in sterling silver, hand enameled silver, genuine gem stones, and pearl necklaces, bracelets and earring sets. And we specialize in custom pieces.

Kat 'n Hope Designer Jewelry will participate in the following events next month:

Irvine, Kentucky Mushroom Festival, May 25-26

Louisville, KY benefit for The Parkinsons Support Center of Kentuckiana
May 8, 9, 10 - 10505 Watterson Trail

Kat 'n Hope Designer Jewelry is a division of Eye Candy Beads & Jewelry, LLC.

Congratulations, Hope! Good luck with your business, ladies!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kingfish and scheduling and what day is it?

I'm going to try really hard to put a little faith into technology. I'm writing this blog on Monday night, and scheduling it to post on Tuesday morning at 6:00. I shall endeavor not to get up earlier than usual and watch it post. Blogger will not let me down. I think. Thank you, Devon Matthews, you technological whiz, you, for telling me how to do this.

Most days I get up and post the blog as soon as I'm semi-competent. Meaning, the bed is made, the coffee is in my mug, and I've plunked myself into the chair. But before I'm out of bed, I have in mind what I'll blog about. I know that sounds weird, but what else is new? However. I am getting ready for you--my beloved Magdalenavillians--while I have some free time Monday night.

Anyway, can you tell I'm without a topic? I do want to talk about winking, and spam, but each of them deserves its own lovingly crafted blog day. On Wednesday (I think) I'll tell you about a book I finished reading over the weekend. Maybe Thursday I'll tell you about the baby who was just born on my computer.

I did visit the local library on Monday, and took a picture of A Legendary Christmas on the shelf (I guess The Blank Book and Ladies of Legend: Finding Home are checked out again). But it looked kinda lonely on the shelf, and I refrained from rearranging, which was so incredibly tempting since there were a bunch of Nora Roberts paperbacks on a shelf nearby. I was tempted to set A Legendary Christmas smack up against Nora's books, but that, of course, would have been wrong.

Not that I went to the library to take a picture of my books on the shelf. Nope. I was at the local library and happened to walk past the shelving area for new books and happened to glance in that general direction.


Tonight (Tuesday) is Girls Night Out--Country Style, so I'll be at the Jeffersonville, Indiana Kingfish Restaurant with Sheryl Brennan, signing and selling books. Yee haw! (Click the image to enlarge.)

I had such fun at Jennifer Johnson's blog yesterday (Monday). I giggled every time I got to her blog page and the theme song of the day began.

Hm. I think one of us is confused about what day it is, and I think it's the one sitting in my chair right now.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Hop on...we're going to Jennifer's!

Happy Monday, Magdalenavillians!

I'm Jennifer Johnson's guest today, at her blog, This is the Life! Please come over and see the riveting questions she asked, and the equally riveting answers.

And if you can't find those things, just read the interview. I'm sure everyone wants to know what my favorite pair of shoes is (real or imagined).

Okay, ready? Click here.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today I am clip art

Heck, it's the weekend. Why should I be myself? Instead, I'm gonna be clip art.

Here I am, already very productive--see how many lines I've added to the Christmas novella this morning? Yep. And somebody else fixed the coffee for me in the swank coffee shop where I'm working right now.

Of course, I could be working at home. Here we are, my humble abode--a penthouse apartment in this building. I like to sit out on the balcony and look at the river (or really big lake, or ocean).

It's always exactly 72 degrees in my apartment. See the pretty, highlight behind my building? I guess that's because the place is so incredibly energy efficient. There's a little clip art guard at the door who takes care of the salesmen--the kind that knock at a normal person's front door, and even the kind that telephone a normal person! What a great place to live.

I know you were wondering. Yes, I do have a pet.

Cute, isn't she? (Even though the ribbon is blue, she's a girl kitty.) Her name is Tiny Basket-Dwelling Clip Art Kitty, but I call her Tiny. (Sorry, Spot. You're sweet but you're not clip art.)

Tiny Basket-Dwelling Clip Art Kitty likes to chase a ball of yarn that never unravels, and she sleeps in her little basket and never claws the furniture. She also will never get any bigger than this, and she'll always be this dang cute.

When I've added today's ten thousand words to the Christmas novella (clip art authors are fast), some friends and I will head to the mall to throw money away. Clip art money, of course. You're invited for the shopping spree.

You even get to pick which one you are. I, of course, am not in these pictures. I am holding the clip art camera.

Afterward, several of us plan to go out club-hopping. This is me in one of my many glorious evening gowns, demonstrating one of my amazing dance moves.

Wow. Clip art me really knows how to have fun!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Murder on the Mountain by Maddie James

I finished this book a while ago, but hadn't gotten around to telling you about it. Remember, this is not a review. I don't do reviews. That would be way harder than just saying:

Wow! I loved this book!

Which I really did.

What a wild ride the characters---and their relationship--have to take before they get to the happily ever after! Murder on the Mountain has plenty of romance, and lots of suspense. It's one of those "on the edge of your seat" reads.

And I'm tickled to have it in both print and ebook. (I read the ebook, so the print copy is still perfect, and sitting on my Ladies of Legend shelf.)

What can I say? Maddie James did it again.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Report from Kingfish...and a mystery

Such fun last night! I arrived at the restaurant early, partly so I could avoid some traffic, and partly so I could eat. Well, I'm going to take a slightly different route next time to avoid the traffic, but the eating part worked out great! I had a fish sandwich. A giant, wonderful piece of delicately fried white fish. *Sigh* But I requested rye bread, so it was somewhat healthy.

I had my table already set up, and the books and everything out before I ordered, and it probably didn't look very professional for me to be stuffing a giant sandwich into my mouth at the elegant booksigning table. Ah, well. Did I mention it took a really long time to eat? Oh, it did--because I was busy.

The event was to begin at 6:00, but I was already talking to potential readers by 5:30. This week I talked to more people, sold more books, and gave away more business cards and dark chocolate kisses than last week. It was a really good night.

A really good night in spite of the fact that The Chocolate Fountain Lady didn't make it. And, um, we lost our prize winner.

People seemed excited about possibly winning the prize. When we told them about it, and explained how it would work, everyone went ahead and signed up to win. And they were smiling while they signed up. So it was as much fun as I'd hoped, right up to the point when we left and the winner, Patty S., had not come back to the table. Not sure how we lost her. She was there, and then she wasn't there. But I'm looking for her, so if she turns up, I'll let you know! (Patty--I sent you an email.)

I'm planning to go back next week, armed with newly printed business cards and another truckload of dark chocolate kisses. Can I get a big "yee haw" for Girls Night Out--Country Style?


Oh, you want to know what the prize was? Being featured on my blog and Sheryl's blog. With a picture, and as much or as little personal information as the winner wanted us to post. People were jazzed about it. The weekly winners will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing later on, which will be free books. Not the books we're selling now, but future releases.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girls Night Out Tuesday

Yes, ladies, it's that time again! The second Girls' Night Out--Country Style is tonight, 6:00 to 8:00. Click on the image at left, cross your fingers, and maybe it will enlarge enough to read.

Sheryl Brennan and I will be there greeting people, signing books, and just generally enjoying ourselves. (Oh yeah, and smelling all that yummy fried fish! Have I mentioned how much I love Kingfish?)

As far as other vendors, well, I dunno. Haven't had the radio on lately (shame on me). I will say that last week's Chocolate Fountain Lady was a big hit. Last week's diamond earrings (a prize given by someone who is not a struggling author) were a big hit, too. Um, yeah, I have no clue how they can top either of those things.

Sheryl and I have a nifty idea for our prize this week. It just makes me want to giggle, it's such fun. So I'll giggle to myself, and we'll see how it goes tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll still think it's fun, or maybe I'll be frowning heavily and muttering to myself. Either way, tomorrow I'll tell you about it!

One thing to keep in mind: You have to be present to win most of the prizes. Last week that wasn't the case with ours, but this week it probably will be, as it is not something we can drop into a mailbox. The drawings are done at 8:00 pm.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Big envelope

I received one of these in Saturday's mail. Well, it was bigger than this--mine is 9 x 12--and it was thicker than the one pictured here. And it had more things stamped on the outside, which makes me think it was on its way to me for a while. Just guessing this envelope has been traveling more than I have. So basically it looked nothing like this picture except it was the same color, and it had papers inside.

Wanna know what's in it? (Boy, I really hope so!)

What's in it are entries for the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia Romance Writers' Bold as Brass writing contest. And judging sheets.

So Saturday I held this in my hands, standing in the middle of the sitting room, thinking to myself, "Did I volunteer to judge? I meant to volunteer to judge, but I don't remember actually doing it." So I emailed one of my pals over there, and she emailed back. No, I didn't remember to volunteer, but I get to judge anyway. Well, how cool is that?

So, okay, this is for real. I have entries to read and judge. Other KYOWA members are doing the same. More than one judge reads each entry, and their scores are averaged. I've only entered one contest, and didn't fare well (my fault; should have listened to My Writing Conscience). But I did get very helpful feedback. It was an exciting, scary experience, and now I'm on the other side of the score sheet.

Of course I feel inadequate for the task, swamped yet again in self doubt. I shuffle again through the papers, and actually manage to focus on a slim packet whose heading says, "Do I know enough to judge?" Well, good. At least they know who they're dealing with.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter from Magdalenaville!

I hope everyone will have a lovely weekend, or at least a few moments of peace and beauty.

Today in Magdalenaville is much different than yesterday.

Yesterday morning I was in full freakout mode, so afraid no one would comment on the guest blog over at Inspiration, Ink. I know you're all busy, and some days there isn't time, or quite honestly, the post is so weird, you just think it's better to pass. But I was mortified by the idea of having a post on someone else's blog with nary a comment. It didn't help that Blogger (or whoever) delivered the comments to my inbox two hours or more after they went up. So even though Devon commented at 8:21, it was almost 11:00 before I knew it. Yeah, I was a total mess. It's no wonder Spot didn't get in on it. He probably thought I'd have a meltdown if we got into a comment war. And he's probably right.

But--whew--several people did comment, and as I read their comments, they somehow made my post sound pretty interesting. Sounded, in fact, as if there was a point to it, which was pretty darn cool. Maybe I should paste the thing on the wall here in the sitting room.

Okay, but back to the first paragraph. Today is different. Last night the Progeny got home from college for the weekend. He's having a haircut (darn--I like it longish) and then we're going to celebrate his birthday with lunch anywhere he wants to go. This is a huge thing to the poor child who subsists on dorm food all the time. Seriously. You should have seen his face light up. Tomorrow is Easter and I'm fixing ham and incredibly fattening mashed potatoes... I called him Monday when I was on the way to the grocery, asking what in particular he'd like for Easter dinner. I could hear his face light up. He does like food.

It's so nice for the spotlight to be on him today. Not me, at all. Although I do want everyone to know that I did not write the letter found here. Can you believe it? A friend of mine thought I had!

Happy Easter!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Busier than I look

Friday is Slug Day in Magdalenaville, meaning I blog at SisterWriters and just post a link here. But today is a Special Slug Day--I'm posting a link here and posting a link at SisterWriters, because I'm guest blogging at Inspiration, Ink.

So although it may appear I'm not doing much, I'm kinda everywhere, and much busier than I look. Whew--may need a nap, in fact!

Read about me (and Spot) here.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Join me on the swing?

If you have a few minutes to join me here on the swing, I need your help.

What kind of prize most interests you when an author is doing a drawing at a booksigning?

This week we gave away a $10 gift certificate to Salon Z. I had thought of doing a gift certificate to Kingfish. But here's the thing. On my form, people are invited to sign up--if they wish--for my newsletter. I had lots more completed forms than I had book purchases, which is fine. But sometimes I wonder if people think that signing up for the newsletter makes them more likely to win. (It doesn't; winners are chosen completely at random.)

And then someone raised the question of whether it would be better to give a book as the prize, thereby encouraging entrants who actually wanted to read a romance novel.

Some problems with using a book as a prize are that either the person needs to be present to win, or it should be an ebook. Paperbacks are expensive to ship. Another problem is that I think I'd be dissuading people from buying the book, if they had a chance to win it. What about a $10 gift certificate toward the purchase of a book? I'm currently carrying three titles in the Booksigning on Wheels.

I also have baskets--I showed you some the other day--that I can put stuff into, to create a prize. Do you like to win a basket? If so, what kind of stuff is best to put into the basket?

I'd appreciate feedback and suggestions, if you have the time. Thanks for listening.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Report from Kingfish

Sheryl Brennan and I had fun at Girls' Night Out. We hadn't engaged a camera crew, so the only pictures were taken by us, of each other. Um...with my phone.

Happily for us, we had "prime real estate"--meaning, my nifty folding table was set up in the foyer, where we greeted everyone who entered the restaurant. Some purchases were made by people who had just come to eat delicious fish, and not for Girls' Night Out (held in the bar--note the arrow above my head. Also note the giant fish tank the arrow is taped to. Part of the time a big yellow fish freaked me out by suddenly swimming into my peripheral vision when Sheryl and I were talking).

We had time to visit with each other, and there were lots of interesting people to meet. We had a prize drawing, sold a few books, and gave away promo items. We didn't eat or drink, so focused were we on being--I dunno. Focused? But wow, did the fish smell good!

Sheryl and I plan to participate again next Tuesday night, maybe with another author or two. I appreciate her inviting me to participate yesterday evening, and the hospitality of Kingfish and New Country 103.1 Radio.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Booksigning on Wheels

As you know, this evening is the first Girls' Night Out sponsored by New Country Q103.1.

I'm happy that the word "snow" is no longer in the forecast! Yee haw!

So anyway, yesterday I spent a chunk of time packing my Booksigning on Wheels. This is a tapestry rolling case that was recently given to me (WOW!). To take its picture, I spread out my important booksigning stuff.

On top of the case are the gold tablecloth (sorry, it's nearly invisible) and lace overlay, and you see Bobby just below the lace. He's usually in charge of crowd control at my signings. Yep--he's small but mighty.

Leaning against the case on the right are my three book cover stands in bubble wrap, and The Blank Book. On the floor in front are Ladies of Legend: Finding Home and A Legendary Christmas. There is a big box of books inside the bag.

The basket on the right, and the white porcelain container at far left, are both containers I'll fill with goodies and give away at drawings at some signing, sometime. I won't take them with me tonight, but when the case comes home and becomes storage again, those things go back in.

Also in the front are post cards, bookmarks, business cards. Poking out of the front pocket is a big name card I got at the Barnes and Noble signing a couple of weeks ago.

Well, now you know about the Booksigning on Wheels. A word to the wise: if you see us coming your way, you might want to allow a wide berth until we come to a full and complete stop. I'm not used to driving it yet.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Girls' Night Out TUESDAY

Probably best to post this now, so you know a day ahead.

Weather permitting, Sheryl Brennan and I will be selling and signing books at Kingfish Restaurant (yum!) on the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana on April 7. Please click on the image at left to enlarge it. Chocolate fountains, jewelry, purses, hair stylists...the list of great girls' stuff goes on and on, huh? Doesn't mention romance authors, but, well, we're part of "much more."

The event is sponsored by New Country Q103.1 Radio.

Even though we'll be indoors, I say "weather permitting" because I'm a wimp when it comes to driving in snow. As weird as our weather had been lately, I'm just mentioning the possibility.

But after all it's at Kingfish. Have I ever told you how much I love Kingfish? Maybe I'll be brave even if there's snow.

Doesn't it look like a fun time?


The power of the handwritten word

I've received some beautiful cards recently.

The first to arrive was from a friend who lives away from here, and was stuck in a jury selection room for an unknown length of time, well-armed with reading and writing materials. When I took it out of the mailbox, I was nearly in shock. Mail that isn't a bill or advertisement! In the physical (not electronic) mailbox!

The second lovely card was from a local reader, telling me how much she enjoyed The Blank Book. The third was from a friend, just letting me know she values our friendship.

Then there's the card organizer. Yes, someone gave me a beautiful card organizer box, full of unique cards.

Even before the Card Onslaught, I was trying to do better at sending sympathy and get well cards. There are a few in the card box, and I recently bought some. Therefore, as usual, only my memory will be to blame if a card doesn't get sent.

Most of the cards I've mentioned are 3-D, and I started thinking how much fun it would be to make greeting cards. Crazy, I know. As if I need more distraction.

I do like the immediacy, environmental friendliness, and--yes, I admit it--lack of expense of e-cards. Plus I worry about snail-mail getting lost or mis-delivered. But I wonder... The three cards I mentioned at the beginning of this blog... If the very same words and images had been sent in an e-card, would they have had as much of an impact?

What do you think? What kinds of cards do you like to send, and receive?


Saturday, April 4, 2009

A touch of beauty

I'm not particularly good at decorating, but as with any visual art, I know what I like.

I've added a blog to my Giant Blog Feed Reader recently, and get a lot of enjoyment from the beautiful pictures the author shares each day.

Nothing like some beauty to cheer one's mood, right?

To enjoy La Dolce Vita, click here. And in case you're wondering, nothing I've seen in the blog looks anything like my house.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday is Slug Day

Unless there is a big uprising, I'm going to start making Fridays my Slug Days--meaning, instead of posting two blogs--one here and a different one at SisterWriters, I only post there, and put a link here.

It's less work for me, obviously, but it's also an opportunity for you to see this really cute clip art each Friday.

Um...let me know what you think. I'll try to have a hard shell, but of course that would make me a snail and not a slug.

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Happy Friday!


Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sometimes a writer spends so much time at the computer, wearing her bunny slippers, and with her hair looking all messy, that she forgets what the Outside World is like.

Ouch! What is that bright thing in the sky, hurting my eyes? The sun... Oh yeah.

Yard work is good for a break, if you wear sunglasses and remember to change out of your slippers.

But another kind of break--getting together with other writers--is also good. There's a neat writing conference coming up... Yes, I know I just attended a writing conference. I don't schedule these things.

So anyway, the Dogwood Writing Conference, held April 24 and 25, is sponsored by the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia (KYOWA) Chapter of RWA. The location is Greenbo Lake State Resort Park in Greenup County, KY. Should be beautiful! (I'm guessing the dogwoods will be in bloom.)

The keynote speaker is Tara Taylor Quinn, and there will be presentations by Maddie James, Mary Shortridge, Jennifer Johnson, Cathie Shaffer, and some county law enforcement officials. If you're interested, the details are here and the registration form is here.

I've only met a few of the KYOWA members in person, but these people even have fun on their yahoogroup. It should be a great time.

A great time of learning. Come on, this is serious stuff.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Need a good laugh?

Finding myself in a funk after the big weekend, I decided that, instead of reading From Belly Fat to Belly Flat, by C. W. Randolph, M.D., I would read The Jinx, by Jennifer Johnson.

Jennifer and I haven't met in person, but we visit via our blogs, and we're both members of KYOWA chapter of Romance Writers of America. It was through the KYOWA yahoogroup that I became intrigued with this book, and when it was published in ebook format, I snatched it up! That was months ago.

As you probably know, I don't do reviews, but will make the occasional recommendation. Oh my word, if you want to read an unusual love story, and laugh until the tears stream down your face, this may well be the book for you. I tried really hard not to laugh out loud, but finally wondered if the effort could cause internal damage. So I cackled and hooted, and completely ruined my makeup. Whew--that felt good! Thank you, Jennifer, for a great read!

The Jinx is available at Wild Rose Press in both ebook and paperback. Or if you want to take advantage of the big Fictionwise sale we've been talking about, go here.

Of course, I still need to read this darn belly fat book. Ick.