Monday, April 27, 2009

Adopted: Outback Baby by Barbara Hannay

I've finally been getting some reading done lately, as you may have noticed. This one, Adopted: Outback Baby, by Barbara Hannay, is a finalist for the pretigious Rita Award given by Romance Writers of America.

Again, this is not a review (aack! I'm not worthy to review!), but it is a recommendation. I recommend this book if you like sweet romance, especially one in which a years-old wrong is finally made right. Much of the story takes place in the Australian Outback, which I also consider a plus. And the hero and heroine are thirty-nine years old, an age I can almost remember.

If you're into e-reading, the book is available in ebook from Harlequin, where you can read the blurb.

To learn more about the author, read blurbs and excerpts, and follow buy links for her impressive list of novels, go to her website. She also writes a lovely blog. (If you remember our party a few months ago to celebrate my book video, the chocolate cake recipe came from Barbara's blog. Shame on her.)

I wrote this entry a week or so ago, but kept having to bump it because other things came along. I'm tickled to add a sentence letting you know that Barbara was here in Magdalenaville on Sunday, and commented on my clip art life from last week. Isn't that sweet? She is on the list of writers I'd love to meet some day. Just not a bit sure how to get my ebooks autographed when I meet my favorite authors...



  1. I remember a time when I couldn't read enough about Australia. I read romances and anything else. Loved the color and flavor of the romance stories. You don't see as many books around and certainly they don't get into the settings as much anymore. Now everything is quick hook and fast dialog and so many of the stories don't have time to add the richness of the settings.

    Which is another reason I love the ladies of Legend. You get a feel for the area.

    Thanks for sharing Barbara's book with us. :-)

  2. Wow, Sia, thank you for the nice compliment about our Ladies of Legend series! I'm glad our love for the town (albeit imaginary) comes through in the stories.

  3. Many moons ago, I read a story about a harrowing cattle drive through the Outback. It was written by Zane Grey, but I can't remember the title. I just remember that it was fascinating. It also had a dual romance. Zane Grey was such a romantic. He always had a romance in his books, so I guess that would make him the very first western historical romance author.

  4. I'll have to check out her book. I sometimes like Australian settings too. I checked out her website, and their outside looks so different from ours. Still pretty though. And she seems nice.

  5. Devon, the cattle drive romance sounds exciting! Might be fun to re-read that one.

    Jennifer, I love looking at the pictures of scenery Barbara posts. So exotic! I imagine Australia is one of the places I'll never see in person, so I enjoy it vicariously.

  6. Hey, Devon--if you're in the mood for a cattle drive, it looks as if Barbara's HER CATTLEMAN BOSS might be fun.

    I know, I's not historical.