Thursday, April 23, 2009

Announcing the birth of Martin McClain

Isn't he cute? He has the dark McClain hair, and unless that's a yawn, he has the McClain temperament, too.

Martin McClain was born this week to proud parents Daniel and Sharon McClain of Legend, Tennessee, on my computer.

Martin will grow up to be big, strong, handsome, and frequently overbearing. He will start a business called McClain Realty, and when Wife One leaves him with his own tiny son, Martin will raise him just fine, with the help of the townfolk, and his big family in and around Legend.

When Martin's son is fourteen years old, Midnight Shelby will sweep into town, all tall and dark and exotic, and knock Martin McClain's world out of its nice simple orbit. (Midnight in Legend, TN, part of the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology.)

But first Martin had to be born, this week, because I'm writing the love story of his aunt and uncle, Christmas 1975. Look for the romance of Charles and Dorothy McClain, Under the Mistletoe, from Resplendence Publishing this September.


Disclaimer: This is a clip art baby, and Martin McClain is a fictional character in the Ladies of Legend book series. Just FYI.


  1. Mags, how cool that you have a whole family tree within your writing!

  2. Yeah, those McClains are habit forming.


  3. Welcome all McClains, welcome to the reading world!!

  4. I got all excited. I thought you had a new ACTUAL baby in the family. That one sounds aweful cute though.

  5. Mary, thank you for that enthusiastic welcome!

    Jennifer--aack! no! Nobody in this family is the right age to have a baby!

  6. Ooooh! A baby!

    Did i tell you about my own new baby?

    Oh, I did already. Okay. I'll refrain...

    Congrats to the Mcclain Clan. :)

  7. Maddie, I look forward to meeting your new baby--tomorrow, right?

  8. Well, as you know, I was planning to sneak her into the Dogwood conference, but it is not going to turn out that way. I won't pick her up until Sat now. So I'll wait a little longer while Jan babysits.

  9. Did I know that? I don't remember knowing that. I thought she and Liberty Ann might be hanging out together this weekend, but I guess not. Oh well.