Monday, April 13, 2009

Big envelope

I received one of these in Saturday's mail. Well, it was bigger than this--mine is 9 x 12--and it was thicker than the one pictured here. And it had more things stamped on the outside, which makes me think it was on its way to me for a while. Just guessing this envelope has been traveling more than I have. So basically it looked nothing like this picture except it was the same color, and it had papers inside.

Wanna know what's in it? (Boy, I really hope so!)

What's in it are entries for the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia Romance Writers' Bold as Brass writing contest. And judging sheets.

So Saturday I held this in my hands, standing in the middle of the sitting room, thinking to myself, "Did I volunteer to judge? I meant to volunteer to judge, but I don't remember actually doing it." So I emailed one of my pals over there, and she emailed back. No, I didn't remember to volunteer, but I get to judge anyway. Well, how cool is that?

So, okay, this is for real. I have entries to read and judge. Other KYOWA members are doing the same. More than one judge reads each entry, and their scores are averaged. I've only entered one contest, and didn't fare well (my fault; should have listened to My Writing Conscience). But I did get very helpful feedback. It was an exciting, scary experience, and now I'm on the other side of the score sheet.

Of course I feel inadequate for the task, swamped yet again in self doubt. I shuffle again through the papers, and actually manage to focus on a slim packet whose heading says, "Do I know enough to judge?" Well, good. At least they know who they're dealing with.



  1. LOL! I can't believe they sent you a judging packet when you didn't even volunteer!

    Oh, well. You'll probably enjoy it. Maybe. I always enjoyed judging contests, especially when I got hold of a little gem I could feel excited about. I remember getting one such gem of an entry in the GH last year, but it didn't even final. I was disappointed for the author. The partial I read was the most innovative idea I've seen in a while, and she had a voice for comedy, which was icing on the cake. It was in the paranormal category. I hope she gets that ms. published.

    Just relax. You'll do fine. :o)

  2. Devon, I do think it's fun. And I'm tickled I get to do it. Thank you for the heads-up, though. I need to remember not to get my feelings hurt if my faves don't win.

    I think this is another step out of the comfort zone. Yay!

  3. LOL Magdalena. I got a Google alert the other day that told me that a certain authors book was a finalist in the Lories and was being sent to Debbie Meredith, Romance Manager and book expert from Radcliff, KY. The author even posted it on her blog. lol First I'd heard of it, but guess I know one to book expect now. lol

  4. Google alerts are a great tool, aren't they, Deb? Enjoy that book when it arrives--I know you will!

    It's pretty cool that people know you by that title: "Debbie Meredith, Romance Manager and book expert." You should get business cards made, if you haven't already.

  5. Ah we all feel inadequate. Just do the best you can, what else can anyone ask of you.
    I hope you enjoy the task.

  6. Thanks, Mary! I'm enjoying it. The problem is, you only get enough of the story to make you want MORE! Aack!

  7. Magdalena, I think you'll enjoy judging, and I think the authors will appreciate having you judge them. I'm sure you'll take the time to guide tham as much as possible, and not be as rough as some judges can be.
    Enjoy a new experience. I think you'll be good at it.

  8. Hey there, Jennifer!

    I'm done with the reading and scoring. Now I just have to send my info in. This is so neat. Good luck to all the contestants!

  9. Good luck!! I've judged several contests and it's an exciting, fun (and yes, sometimes stressful and difficult) task. Have a blast!


  10. Welcome to Magdalenaville, Lisa!

    You're right--it was all those things. Quite a privilege to be allowed to participate as a judge, isn't it?