Friday, April 24, 2009

Dogwood Writing Conference

For someone who lives in Indiana, I spend a lot of time in Kentucky, don't I?

This morning I'm heading back to the Bluegrass State. First leg of the trip is to Louisville, where Liberty Ann gets to hang out for a couple of days in Maddie James' garage.

Maddie is letting me ride along with her to the Dogwood Writing Conference, at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park. I haven't stayed in a resort park lodge for years, but last time I did it was wonderful! Just looked at the website, and yes! there is free WiFi. So it's possible I'll put up a blog here tomorrow. I'm hoping for a second floor room with a balcony, too. In last Saturday's blog I wrote about a balcony, so if I could write this Saturday's on a balcony, that would be neat. It's scary the way my mind works, I know.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a couple of days of immersion in the writing life--surrounded by people who talk the talk, and walk the walk. The keynote speaker is Tara Taylor Quinn. This will be my first time to hear her.

Thank you, KYOWA, for sponsoring, organizing, and doing all the big and small things that have given this conference such a good reputation. And thanks, Maddie, for letting Liberty Ann stay at your house.

Cool beans. I'm so excited!


In case you're wondering, I think we're back to Slug Day next Friday.


  1. Hve fun at the conference! I hope you get your room with a balcony!

  2. I'm working to get there-so excited!

  3. I hope you guys have a blast! I am sooo jealous. RT is just two and a half hours from me, but way too expensive.
    Take pictures for us all!!

  4. Hey, everyone! I just got home a few minutes ago. Will try to post pictures in the near future. The internet didn't like my laptop (or vice versa) so blogging this morning didn't work out. Missed being in Magdalenaville, but what a WONDERFUL conference!

    Shall I start a rating system with five being the best? I would give this one a five, but I'm not sure what to award. Not cups. Perhaps Earl Grey tea bags?

    Dunno. But Dogwood gets five of something. Fantastic job, ladies and gentleman!

    Oh--I was on the first floor, so no balcony, but I wasn't in the room enough for it to matter.