Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sometimes a writer spends so much time at the computer, wearing her bunny slippers, and with her hair looking all messy, that she forgets what the Outside World is like.

Ouch! What is that bright thing in the sky, hurting my eyes? The sun... Oh yeah.

Yard work is good for a break, if you wear sunglasses and remember to change out of your slippers.

But another kind of break--getting together with other writers--is also good. There's a neat writing conference coming up... Yes, I know I just attended a writing conference. I don't schedule these things.

So anyway, the Dogwood Writing Conference, held April 24 and 25, is sponsored by the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia (KYOWA) Chapter of RWA. The location is Greenbo Lake State Resort Park in Greenup County, KY. Should be beautiful! (I'm guessing the dogwoods will be in bloom.)

The keynote speaker is Tara Taylor Quinn, and there will be presentations by Maddie James, Mary Shortridge, Jennifer Johnson, Cathie Shaffer, and some county law enforcement officials. If you're interested, the details are here and the registration form is here.

I've only met a few of the KYOWA members in person, but these people even have fun on their yahoogroup. It should be a great time.

A great time of learning. Come on, this is serious stuff.



  1. Lol! I know what you man about being outside. It's spring. My daffodils are blooming and my tulips are about to, and my rose bushes have little baby leaves, which is so cool. yesterday we had temps of 65.

    I'm needing to get some track lights in my Office. My overhead light in my ceiling fan went out. I have two lamps but still there are times I feel like I'm goin into my cave...

    Oh I'd love to go to the Dogwood writing Conference, but I'm having knee surgery on the 23rd so that whole thing is out! Keep me posted on conferences as they come up because I really like to strat going to them. There's so much to learn there. I need to check with RWA and see what conferences are in my general area too.

    Have a great day Magdelena!

  2. Thank goodness it's sunny out today, or I would have been in a cave! The power went out for a couple of hours.

    I hope you can find some good conferences in your area, Sia. This will be my first time at Dogwood, but I've heard it's a "great little conference."

    Good luck with the knee surgery.

  3. I am glad that you are looking forward to your conference. However, I believe you owe me a story before you go :) I can't wait to get my read.

  4. Hm. I did notice that when looking at the calendar today. Was thinking maybe you forgot--silly me.