Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday is Slug Day

Unless there is a big uprising, I'm going to start making Fridays my Slug Days--meaning, instead of posting two blogs--one here and a different one at SisterWriters, I only post there, and put a link here.

It's less work for me, obviously, but it's also an opportunity for you to see this really cute clip art each Friday.

Um...let me know what you think. I'll try to have a hard shell, but of course that would make me a snail and not a slug.

Click here to read today's SisterWriters post

Happy Friday!



  1. Slugs? blech. But the color is very nice? Did I mention how much I love the new look of your blog? Vibrant, just like a certain author I know!

    Have a great weekend, Mags!

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the new look of the blog. Lemme tell you a secret--I changed the slug's color to match the blog. Sometimes I just have too much fun.

    Happy weekend, Sia!