Monday, April 6, 2009

Girls' Night Out TUESDAY

Probably best to post this now, so you know a day ahead.

Weather permitting, Sheryl Brennan and I will be selling and signing books at Kingfish Restaurant (yum!) on the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana on April 7. Please click on the image at left to enlarge it. Chocolate fountains, jewelry, purses, hair stylists...the list of great girls' stuff goes on and on, huh? Doesn't mention romance authors, but, well, we're part of "much more."

The event is sponsored by New Country Q103.1 Radio.

Even though we'll be indoors, I say "weather permitting" because I'm a wimp when it comes to driving in snow. As weird as our weather had been lately, I'm just mentioning the possibility.

But after all it's at Kingfish. Have I ever told you how much I love Kingfish? Maybe I'll be brave even if there's snow.

Doesn't it look like a fun time?



  1. Pictures and smile required! You go girl. How cool to get the radio to sponsor you. Smart cookie!

    Wishing you success, good food, good turn out, lots of smiles, and did I mention good food? :-)

  2. Sia, I'm tickled to be allowed to participate in the event! We'll see what we can do about pictures. And you're on the right track--at Kingfish, good food is a given. Yum. ;)