Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girls Night Out Tuesday

Yes, ladies, it's that time again! The second Girls' Night Out--Country Style is tonight, 6:00 to 8:00. Click on the image at left, cross your fingers, and maybe it will enlarge enough to read.

Sheryl Brennan and I will be there greeting people, signing books, and just generally enjoying ourselves. (Oh yeah, and smelling all that yummy fried fish! Have I mentioned how much I love Kingfish?)

As far as other vendors, well, I dunno. Haven't had the radio on lately (shame on me). I will say that last week's Chocolate Fountain Lady was a big hit. Last week's diamond earrings (a prize given by someone who is not a struggling author) were a big hit, too. Um, yeah, I have no clue how they can top either of those things.

Sheryl and I have a nifty idea for our prize this week. It just makes me want to giggle, it's such fun. So I'll giggle to myself, and we'll see how it goes tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll still think it's fun, or maybe I'll be frowning heavily and muttering to myself. Either way, tomorrow I'll tell you about it!

One thing to keep in mind: You have to be present to win most of the prizes. Last week that wasn't the case with ours, but this week it probably will be, as it is not something we can drop into a mailbox. The drawings are done at 8:00 pm.



  1. Oh what a great idea Magadalena! I like your tie ins. I wish I lived closer to stop by and give you some support. Not to mention enjoying the fun :-)

  2. Sia, I wish you could be here too. Something tells me, though, that wherever you are, you're having fun!


  3. I'm dazed because a week has gone by already, then you leave me hanging at the end of the post with a big tease to make me come back tomorrow! Good job cause now I'm curious to know what you decided to do.

    Have fun! Sell books!

  4. Ooh, Devon, I've made you curious? Well, I'm curious too--to see how it goes over as a prize.

    Will people think, bleah, or YAY


    Only time will tell.

  5. Hmmm, wish I was closer so I could see what your tease is all about.
    Maybe this time you can eat some dinner?

  6. Now, ladies, I didn't mean for this to be a tease!

    Did I?

    I am sorely tempted, Jennifer, to indulge in the Wharf Boat--one piece of gently fried white fish, two sides, and a hush puppy. YUM!

  7. Wouldn't it be great to have all your supporters there!
    Save me a piece of Kingfish!

  8. Mary,
    Um, how shall I say this politely? I only get one piece of fish in the Wharf Boat, so if I saved that for you, I'd be, like, still scoring ZERO fish for two outings. How about I save you a nice crunchy hush puppy instead?