Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter from Magdalenaville!

I hope everyone will have a lovely weekend, or at least a few moments of peace and beauty.

Today in Magdalenaville is much different than yesterday.

Yesterday morning I was in full freakout mode, so afraid no one would comment on the guest blog over at Inspiration, Ink. I know you're all busy, and some days there isn't time, or quite honestly, the post is so weird, you just think it's better to pass. But I was mortified by the idea of having a post on someone else's blog with nary a comment. It didn't help that Blogger (or whoever) delivered the comments to my inbox two hours or more after they went up. So even though Devon commented at 8:21, it was almost 11:00 before I knew it. Yeah, I was a total mess. It's no wonder Spot didn't get in on it. He probably thought I'd have a meltdown if we got into a comment war. And he's probably right.

But--whew--several people did comment, and as I read their comments, they somehow made my post sound pretty interesting. Sounded, in fact, as if there was a point to it, which was pretty darn cool. Maybe I should paste the thing on the wall here in the sitting room.

Okay, but back to the first paragraph. Today is different. Last night the Progeny got home from college for the weekend. He's having a haircut (darn--I like it longish) and then we're going to celebrate his birthday with lunch anywhere he wants to go. This is a huge thing to the poor child who subsists on dorm food all the time. Seriously. You should have seen his face light up. Tomorrow is Easter and I'm fixing ham and incredibly fattening mashed potatoes... I called him Monday when I was on the way to the grocery, asking what in particular he'd like for Easter dinner. I could hear his face light up. He does like food.

It's so nice for the spotlight to be on him today. Not me, at all. Although I do want everyone to know that I did not write the letter found here. Can you believe it? A friend of mine thought I had!

Happy Easter!



  1. Wow, Dear Abby has some great advice...for all of us! Happy Easter, Magdalena and enjoy your weekend with your son. I'm so glad the sun is shining here today and that the storms have passed through.


  2. Magdalena, May your weekend and your family time be special.

    I'm sorry Mags. I was hosting an online discussion in my writing group, so I didn't get to my blog list much yesterday, darn it! I usally go down the list on Friday mornings.

    Next time you're blogging anywhere, you have my email (both FB and private), shoot me off a reminder and I'll be there to give support. Yes, that IS a horrible feeling to be guesting somewhere and not get but a few comments. Makes you feel naked in the cold wind.

  3. Maddie, I'm thankful for the sunshine too! I guess yard work may be part of the weekend celebration.

    Sia, I don't know how you do it all. I did think of you yesterday when worrying about comments. Isn't that funny?

  4. Hi, Magdalena,

    I'm commenting here b/c I read caught your post for Inspiration, Inc at Crime Scene Writers (how I typically end up at Inpiration in the first place :)

    Loved what you had to say at both places; need to re-invent myself, especially re: my current wip. (BTW, I'm a sweet romance writer myself--first book due out soon. Visit my website when you get a chance!)

    Happy Easter to you and yours as well.

    Joanna Aislinn
    The Wild Rose Press 2009

  5. Joanna,

    Welcome to Magdalenaville! Hop on the reinvention bandwagon. Seems there's a lot of that going on right now, huh?

    Congratulations on the upcoming release. NO MATTER WHY sounds like a book I'd like. Will you remind me when it's released? The cover is lovely, too!

    A personal comment? Your hair is great. I love curly hair, don't you?


  6. There is nothing like Moms cooking. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Magdalena,
    Just came over from Inspiration Ink to check out your website. Your post today tugs at my heart, as my h.s. senior son sits in the same room playing on his computer. Next year, he'll be at the dorms. We already know which one. He and I just enjoyed sitting down together to enjoy steamed boiled crawfish and watching two episodes of Castle.

    Sigh. The days are so fleeting.

  8. I know you will enjoy your time together (and having your resident computer guy on-site can't hurt). Did you catch the bit on NPR - romance novel sales up 32%! Keep writing...we need those happy endings.

  9. Hi, Mary--Welcome to Magdalenaville. You've obviously never tasted my cooking! But you're right--there's nothing like it. ;)

  10. Wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Easter. As for your blog yesterday-it was great!! I am glad that I am a WIP. I don't think I ever want to be finished. However, I do wish some major improvement would happen soon :)

  11. Welcome to Magdalenaville, Julie! It doesn't seem like a year ago I was in your situation. The senior year is a heartbreaker, isn't it? You're wise to enjoy this time.

    But I will say we adjusted pretty quickly to this new chapter in our lives. I hope you will too!

  12. Theresa, hi! We've had a good visit so far this weekend. It's short, but that's okay. He has to get on with what he's doing, after all!

    Can you believe I didn't hear that on NPR!?! I've seen the report mentioned several other places, though. Yay for happy endings!

  13. Oh, Garden Girl, some of us think you're pretty close to perfect already!

  14. Wow, Mags, you've got loads of comments! And for once, I'm last to the party!

    Just wanted to wish you a happy Easter. Your excitement about your son being home just zings through your post. I hope you have a wonderful time together! And don't eat any colored eggs Spot unearths during his walks!

  15. It's been a big day here, Devon, but the party wasn't complete until you arrived!

    Yes, we're having a good visit. He caught me up on his recent doings (mostly homework of course) and I told him what's been happening in Magdalenaville. Unbelievable that he's not a daily reader of this blog!

    I think you're right about Spot and the colored eggs. Good advice indeed. He's been looking at me funny today.