Monday, April 20, 2009

Hop on...we're going to Jennifer's!

Happy Monday, Magdalenavillians!

I'm Jennifer Johnson's guest today, at her blog, This is the Life! Please come over and see the riveting questions she asked, and the equally riveting answers.

And if you can't find those things, just read the interview. I'm sure everyone wants to know what my favorite pair of shoes is (real or imagined).

Okay, ready? Click here.



  1. WOW! 75 hits yesterday! Thanks, Mag, for coming to visit!

  2. Jennifer, it was a privilege, and such FUN to be at your blog.

    I have an idea a lot of your visitors come to read the repartee between you and lEONA. If they don't, they're missing out. You ladies are a hoot!

    Thank you for a great day! See you at Dogwood! Wahoo!