Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kingfish and scheduling and what day is it?

I'm going to try really hard to put a little faith into technology. I'm writing this blog on Monday night, and scheduling it to post on Tuesday morning at 6:00. I shall endeavor not to get up earlier than usual and watch it post. Blogger will not let me down. I think. Thank you, Devon Matthews, you technological whiz, you, for telling me how to do this.

Most days I get up and post the blog as soon as I'm semi-competent. Meaning, the bed is made, the coffee is in my mug, and I've plunked myself into the chair. But before I'm out of bed, I have in mind what I'll blog about. I know that sounds weird, but what else is new? However. I am getting ready for you--my beloved Magdalenavillians--while I have some free time Monday night.

Anyway, can you tell I'm without a topic? I do want to talk about winking, and spam, but each of them deserves its own lovingly crafted blog day. On Wednesday (I think) I'll tell you about a book I finished reading over the weekend. Maybe Thursday I'll tell you about the baby who was just born on my computer.

I did visit the local library on Monday, and took a picture of A Legendary Christmas on the shelf (I guess The Blank Book and Ladies of Legend: Finding Home are checked out again). But it looked kinda lonely on the shelf, and I refrained from rearranging, which was so incredibly tempting since there were a bunch of Nora Roberts paperbacks on a shelf nearby. I was tempted to set A Legendary Christmas smack up against Nora's books, but that, of course, would have been wrong.

Not that I went to the library to take a picture of my books on the shelf. Nope. I was at the local library and happened to walk past the shelving area for new books and happened to glance in that general direction.


Tonight (Tuesday) is Girls Night Out--Country Style, so I'll be at the Jeffersonville, Indiana Kingfish Restaurant with Sheryl Brennan, signing and selling books. Yee haw! (Click the image to enlarge.)

I had such fun at Jennifer Johnson's blog yesterday (Monday). I giggled every time I got to her blog page and the theme song of the day began.

Hm. I think one of us is confused about what day it is, and I think it's the one sitting in my chair right now.



  1. Please tell Devon there's a cookie in it if I can find out how to prepare and post a blog before the actual post day. Wouldn't that be nice to know. SO COOL about your book on the shelf. You are awesome. Great fun yesterday.

  2. What kind of a cookie? It might be a kind of cookie that Devon doesn't like, and maybe it's my favorite kind of cookie.


  3. I love cookies! Mags, what a surprise to pop over here and and see my name in the same sentence as whiz. LOL! I got a tickle from your post, the way you kept reminding yourself which day it was while you were writing it.

    Jennifer, if you're there, here's how to schedule posts ahead of time. When you're in "Compose" mode, go down to the bottom of the little text window and click on "Post Options." This opens up the time stamp. Change the time and date to whenever you want the post to appear on your blog. When you're finished writing your post, just click "Publish" and it's done. It will appear in your list of posts as "Scheduled."

  4. Devon,
    Email me and I'll make cookie arrangements. Mag, I'll see you Friday with a "finder's fee".

  5. Yes, I did have to constantly remind myself what day it was/is while I was writing today's post yesterday, Devon. Made my brain (or where my brain would be) hurt.

    The post scheduling option is so cool. Thank you again for sharing it. Enjoy those cookies--you deserve them!

    Now I'm so looking forward to the finder's fee...


  6. IF the finder's fee were to involve cookies (I'm only saying if as there is a policy against outside food) what kind of cookie might Magdalena like?

  7. Oh I thought it was me confused?
    I see your blog posted, sometimes it works!
    How wonderful a feeling to see your books on the shelf. Moving them is wrong, how come? (grin) What's wrong with going there to take a picture? Yay!

  8. Jennifer, to be brutally honest, I'm not in need of cookies. I'm in *like* of them, but not *need.*

    When you get to be my age, maybe you'll also discover food that tastes good is not the food you get to eat. So, just talking about cookies will be sufficient.

    Enjoy the blog scheduling!

  9. Mary, I did take a picture, but it isn't a very good picture. Maybe another time on that...like when all three of them are on the shelf at the same time. (Of course my hope is that they'll be checked out so much, I'll not get to take the picture for months!)