Monday, April 6, 2009

The power of the handwritten word

I've received some beautiful cards recently.

The first to arrive was from a friend who lives away from here, and was stuck in a jury selection room for an unknown length of time, well-armed with reading and writing materials. When I took it out of the mailbox, I was nearly in shock. Mail that isn't a bill or advertisement! In the physical (not electronic) mailbox!

The second lovely card was from a local reader, telling me how much she enjoyed The Blank Book. The third was from a friend, just letting me know she values our friendship.

Then there's the card organizer. Yes, someone gave me a beautiful card organizer box, full of unique cards.

Even before the Card Onslaught, I was trying to do better at sending sympathy and get well cards. There are a few in the card box, and I recently bought some. Therefore, as usual, only my memory will be to blame if a card doesn't get sent.

Most of the cards I've mentioned are 3-D, and I started thinking how much fun it would be to make greeting cards. Crazy, I know. As if I need more distraction.

I do like the immediacy, environmental friendliness, and--yes, I admit it--lack of expense of e-cards. Plus I worry about snail-mail getting lost or mis-delivered. But I wonder... The three cards I mentioned at the beginning of this blog... If the very same words and images had been sent in an e-card, would they have had as much of an impact?

What do you think? What kinds of cards do you like to send, and receive?



  1. I'm not much of a card person, but my mom is a card freak. Seriously. And the older she gets, the worse the card obsession gets. When you go to the store with her, you can't tear her away from the card rack. She buys them whether she needs them or not, just to have on hand.

    But, yes, it is nice to receive an unexpected card. Physical cards do have more impact than e-cards.

  2. Your mom is a card freak? Well, there could be worse things, right?

    Thank you for your vote in favor of physical cards, Devon. :)