Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Report from Kingfish...and a mystery

Such fun last night! I arrived at the restaurant early, partly so I could avoid some traffic, and partly so I could eat. Well, I'm going to take a slightly different route next time to avoid the traffic, but the eating part worked out great! I had a fish sandwich. A giant, wonderful piece of delicately fried white fish. *Sigh* But I requested rye bread, so it was somewhat healthy.

I had my table already set up, and the books and everything out before I ordered, and it probably didn't look very professional for me to be stuffing a giant sandwich into my mouth at the elegant booksigning table. Ah, well. Did I mention it took a really long time to eat? Oh, it did--because I was busy.

The event was to begin at 6:00, but I was already talking to potential readers by 5:30. This week I talked to more people, sold more books, and gave away more business cards and dark chocolate kisses than last week. It was a really good night.

A really good night in spite of the fact that The Chocolate Fountain Lady didn't make it. And, um, we lost our prize winner.

People seemed excited about possibly winning the prize. When we told them about it, and explained how it would work, everyone went ahead and signed up to win. And they were smiling while they signed up. So it was as much fun as I'd hoped, right up to the point when we left and the winner, Patty S., had not come back to the table. Not sure how we lost her. She was there, and then she wasn't there. But I'm looking for her, so if she turns up, I'll let you know! (Patty--I sent you an email.)

I'm planning to go back next week, armed with newly printed business cards and another truckload of dark chocolate kisses. Can I get a big "yee haw" for Girls Night Out--Country Style?


Oh, you want to know what the prize was? Being featured on my blog and Sheryl's blog. With a picture, and as much or as little personal information as the winner wanted us to post. People were jazzed about it. The weekly winners will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing later on, which will be free books. Not the books we're selling now, but future releases.


  1. Oh, very cool. Sounds like you had a great night. Maybe she'll show up next week? Was she embarrassed maybe?
    Glad you finally had a chance to eat. Sounds delicious.

  2. Good morning, Jennifer!

    She might show up next week. That would be great! But I' not certain she's local, so...hmm...

    My family was amazed I didn't eat last week, since Kingfish is my favorite fish place. Really, I just did it for them.

    Does anybody believe that?

  3. Yee-Haw! And here's a Cajun "Ai-yeee!" What a neat prize! And how cool that you sold even more books this week! Surely the lady will answer your email. How fun would it be to have a person off the street write up a little bio and let you post it.

    All this talk about fish makes me hungry. I've been craving it lately. But you can't get a decent fish sandwich around here. So I've been trying to everywhere its sold, but stuff just ain't what it used to be.

  4. Devon, thanks for the Yee-Haw--and the "Ai-yeee!" I could hear it from here!

    I hope you can find some good fish. So many places "dabble," and the results aren't pleasant. One restaurant we occasionally go to even has on their menu,"square fish." You know what that looks and tastes like.

  5. A successful book signing, ah, there's nothing like it.

  6. Yes, it was nice. Thanks for stopping by, Mary.