Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today I am clip art

Heck, it's the weekend. Why should I be myself? Instead, I'm gonna be clip art.

Here I am, already very productive--see how many lines I've added to the Christmas novella this morning? Yep. And somebody else fixed the coffee for me in the swank coffee shop where I'm working right now.

Of course, I could be working at home. Here we are, my humble abode--a penthouse apartment in this building. I like to sit out on the balcony and look at the river (or really big lake, or ocean).

It's always exactly 72 degrees in my apartment. See the pretty, highlight behind my building? I guess that's because the place is so incredibly energy efficient. There's a little clip art guard at the door who takes care of the salesmen--the kind that knock at a normal person's front door, and even the kind that telephone a normal person! What a great place to live.

I know you were wondering. Yes, I do have a pet.

Cute, isn't she? (Even though the ribbon is blue, she's a girl kitty.) Her name is Tiny Basket-Dwelling Clip Art Kitty, but I call her Tiny. (Sorry, Spot. You're sweet but you're not clip art.)

Tiny Basket-Dwelling Clip Art Kitty likes to chase a ball of yarn that never unravels, and she sleeps in her little basket and never claws the furniture. She also will never get any bigger than this, and she'll always be this dang cute.

When I've added today's ten thousand words to the Christmas novella (clip art authors are fast), some friends and I will head to the mall to throw money away. Clip art money, of course. You're invited for the shopping spree.

You even get to pick which one you are. I, of course, am not in these pictures. I am holding the clip art camera.

Afterward, several of us plan to go out club-hopping. This is me in one of my many glorious evening gowns, demonstrating one of my amazing dance moves.

Wow. Clip art me really knows how to have fun!



  1. Hmm... I'm wondering why I'm always a chimp in a dress and never a snazzy clip art person. Methinks there's some Freudian stuff going on. ;o)

  2. Ooh, let's not talk Freudian, Devon! Besides, I can't think that way when I'm this snazzy clip art person. Golly.

  3. How cool that you can do that. I am still learning the easier things. (grin)

  4. The easier dance moves? Is that what you're learning, Mary? Well, come clip art club hopping with us. No telling what you might pick up!

  5. Jennifer...where did you go!?! Don't you want to pick which clip art friend you are?

    Huh. Evidently I'm the only one around here interested in being clip art. Go figure.

  6. Hmmm... I can see I need to try living thru clip art. We're not allowed pets in our apartment building, but I'd so love a Tiny.

  7. Barbara, thank you for visiting Clip Art Me. Your real life apartment building looks gorgeous.

    Shall I try to find out if Tiny has a sister, and email her to you?