Saturday, April 4, 2009

A touch of beauty

I'm not particularly good at decorating, but as with any visual art, I know what I like.

I've added a blog to my Giant Blog Feed Reader recently, and get a lot of enjoyment from the beautiful pictures the author shares each day.

Nothing like some beauty to cheer one's mood, right?

To enjoy La Dolce Vita, click here. And in case you're wondering, nothing I've seen in the blog looks anything like my house.



  1. Unfortunately, none of that looks anything like my house either. Last time the decorating bug hit, I went with color. Rich, earthy color. Now, the trend is going back to light shades of neutral. Who can afford to stay current?

    I have no plans to change things inside the house anytime soon. Already spent a small fortune in here--and it doesn't take much to do it. But hubby and I have been looking at exterior color schemes. He wants to repaint the outside of the house and we want to change colors because all our surrounding neighbors now have their houses the exact same color as ours. Talk about copy-cats! When we bought this house, it was the only yellow one in the neighborhood. Now we're surrounded.

  2. Devon,

    I certainly don't stay current. Our house is OLD, so I try to stay with decor that sorta goes with that. But again, a decorator I ain't. ;)

    Good luck with the exterior color change. That sounds exciting! Ours is, has been, and always shall be...white.