Thursday, May 14, 2009

All in the name of research

The year is 1975. Dorothy Robbins, my heroine in Under the Mistletoe, works in Jim Bob's Saloon, earning money for her "Leaving Legend Fund." She wants to get out of her boring little hometown of Legend, Tennessee, finish her college degree, and never return.

Meanwhile, of course, she fulfills her current roles--daughter-big sister-friend-waitress. Maybe it would be a little easier if the patrons of Jim Bob's didn't play this song on the jukebox over and over again. Do you remember it?



  1. Ohmigod. My brother had that album and drove us all NUTS with it. Another one from loosely the same time period was "The Streak." Remember that one? Don't look, Ethel and ten-four, good buddy!

  2. Sure, I remember "The Streak!" Some of the boys did streaking when I was in high school. I never saw them, but heard about it afterward.

    Poor Ethel, of course, had already looked, and had been "incensed," right?


  3. LOL! Yep, she sure did. I think she also got a "free shot" from the guy in the cheap seats.

  4. OH, Devon. I'd forgotten about the free shot! So now I've watched "The Streak" on You Tube and oh dear, so tempted to sit here listening to golden oldies like Gitarzan, etc.