Monday, May 18, 2009

Beware of jumping sandals

So there we were, my Writing Conscience and I, innocently doing a little shopping at Target--when all of a sudden this sandal and its mate jumped off the rack and onto my feet.

What can I say? They make me smile.

Did you expect a substantive blog today? Oh dear. Maybe tomorrow, after my brain is rested from a big weekend. Not that the weekend involved wearing these sandals, of course. It seems we are back to late winter again. I have the fireplace running as I write this.



  1. I have also had sandals jump out and into my cart. My toes are so happy when they can be free. What cute pink sandals!!! Jonell

  2. Jonell, I'm glad to know it doesn't happen only to me!

  3. Are those really the sandals? How do you isolate them like that? Photoshop?

  4. Jennifer, I'm wearing the sandals right now. Wore them to Girls' Night Out! I had the happiest feet there, I'll betcha.