Monday, May 11, 2009

The boots were a bonus

Sunday afternoon the family went shopping. My son had a gift in mind for me--a footstool--since I sit in my writing chair so much. We looked at footstools, but didn't fall in love with anything (always a prerequisite for my purchases). We had such fun, though, looking at the different designs, peeking inside the ottomons that double as storage units, trying them all out.

Being silly.

Later, we looked at shoes. I tried on a pair of brown "alligator" ankle boots, which fit great and felt great. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He said, "Okay." Yeah, he bought them for me. Just like a kid, I put my black clogs in the bag and wore the ankle boots the rest of the day and evening. (I know they're not springy or summery. Call me a rebel if you must.)

Bye-bye, footstool (and we totally missed ya, car wash gift certificates). Goofing around, laughing, understanding each other with just a look--those were my Mother's Day gifts. I just happened to get ankle boots, too.



  1. You make me cry-that's so sweet! I agree completely though. Being with him-that's really the gift. I do see here though some interesting things. You wanted a footstool. What does a footstool say? I'm relaxing. I'm taking it easy. I'm not very active right now. What do alligator skin ankle boots say? They do more than say anything. They proclaim it: Hey, everybody, look at me. I have attitude! I am going to take you on! I've got my boots on, and don't you wish you could be me!!

    Very nice!

  2. That was really sweet of your son and I loved the way you let him know to buy them. One comment though. If you walked around the rest of the day in heels like that, you're a better (and much younger) woman than I am.

  3. Sorry to make you cry on a Monday, Jennifer. Actually I got pretty tearful writing it this morning. I agree with your insight into the meaning of the two disparate items. And Devon--there was also talk at one point about me not seeming as old as I am. Whether that was another Mother's Day gift or not (the beautiful lie) I can't say. I choose to believe he meant it.

    What I didn't mention earlier is that much of the rest of the afternoon and evening were spent sitting, so it's not as if I walked miles in the boots. ;)

    Does this make anyone think of Nancy Sinatra?

  4. Magdalena, sounds like you had an awesome time with your son. My own 8 yo old son had me in tears too. He went with my dad to the store sunday, and he only had $7.00 from his allowance. He looked at hanging plants and potted flowers, but he couldn't find anything he could afford. So he bought me a seed packet full of flower seeds. Ad he told me he loved me when he handed them to me. Made me tear up.
    Are you wearing your boots to the next meeting? Gotta see 'um!

  5. Jennifer, that is such a sweet story! I bet he'll help you plant the seeds and take particular notice of how his gift is doing. Kids can be so precious when they're not driving us nuts, can't they?

    Dunno about the next meeting, but I plan to wear the boots on an outing tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

  6. Kids can be such sweet things when they aren't driving you to experience all those destruction and mayhem feelings, llol! What a lovely gift of his time, and the shared laughter. the boots were a bonus, :-)

  7. Yes, Sia, the "destruction and mayhem feelings" didn't come up yesterday. Not even once. *Nice*