Monday, May 25, 2009

Cue the music!

We have heard some wonderful music in the last few weeks. A fifty member choir singing southern gospel, a twenty member choir performing a wide array of music including classical, and "Back Home Again in Indiana."

One group we heard recently is Lick Creek Band. I see they have a website, and some clickable songs so you can sample their stuff. Definitely worth it.

Yes, in the last few weeks we've heard beautiful music, from Bach to The Beatles--sung by people you've never heard of. I guess I'm writing this to suggest that, if you have an opportunity to get out and see some local talent, do it!

Music can help lift your spirits--I once heard a choir director say you can't be sad if you're singing. It's simply impossible.

So sing, or listen to someone else sing, or play. It might be the best gift you give yourself this summer.



  1. Thanks for the link, Magdalena. I love Route 66. What a nice pickup this morning!

  2. Hey, Maddie--you're so very welcome.


  3. Hey, Thanks for pointing me. I LOVE bluegrass music.

  4. By all rights, I should never be sad because I sing constantly when I'm doing stuff around the house. Whenever hubby hears me, he always says, "It's still a no," in Simon Cowell fashion.

    I love all types of music. My son plays a mean heavy metal guitar. But just recently, I've been hearing Bluegrass coming from behind the closed door of his room. I wondered what was up with that. The other day, he came into my office carrying my old violin and expressed a lot of interest. So, I gave it to him. He told me he'd planned to buy one. Which I thought very strange. Then his friend came to visit yesterday--they often practice together--and he'd bought a banjo. I asked and they confessed they're getting into Bluegrass. Wow. You coulda knocked me over....

  5. I love music. I find it very difficult to write without it playing in the background. And I have eclectic tastes. The only thing I don't like is heavy Rap. Listening to Carrie Underwood right now, 'Wasted'.

  6. Jennifer - Devon - Jennifer...

    I'm glad you all liked the music! I love lots of different types of music, too. It's exciting that your son is picking up the violin/fiddle, Devon. A friend of mine did that after we graduated high school, and now he's an amazingly accomplished fiddle player.

    Just got back from the second birthday outing of the weekend. Dinner out and the new STAR TREK movie. Loved when they played the original theme song at the end, and I've been humming it ever since.