Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I never met a king I didn't photoshop

Talk has turned to vacation, so I started looking at previous vacation photos. This is from the stands at a Renaissance Faire in Michigan. We were all there to watch a jousting match. Very interesting indeed.

I thought it quite democratic of the king to sit among the rabble, even though he seeems well guarded. I absolutely had to take his picture, because he was the spitting image of a former pastor at our church.

There was someone else in this picture, on the king's right, and I decided I didn't want that person there. So after we got home, I photoshopped him or her out. The king seems okay with it, doesn't he?



  1. It is amazing AND fun to use. Now I think about it, I wonder if I removed the extraneous person, or if I asked my son to do it. Anyway, the person is gone.

    I photoshopped an extra person out of an old (1918) family picture one time. That was fun. Over the years everybody had been like, "That person doesn't really belong in this picture." So I took her out--and used the "new" photo as the front cover of the family reunion invitation.

    I know you think I'm easily entertained, and you're right. ;)