Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you are SURE you want an e-reader

Received notice of this deal in my email recently, from Books on Board. The price of the Sony ereader is cheap if you have the money to front a $500 gift certificate at the same time.

I'm still in love with my IPAQ, so won't be taking advantage of the opportunity. I thought someone out there might be interested, though.

An IPAQ story. Tuesday at Girls Night Out, when I wasn't visiting with people, or eating crab cakes, or staring at the river, I took out the IPAQ and read. Also checked my Outlook calendar, showed a couple of people pictures of my son, the cover from the book I'm currently reading, and my cover for Where Her Heart Is (see right column here). You know IPAQ is multi-talented, right? I could have checked email, but the restaurant's wireless doesn't work on the downstairs patio.

One lady drooled with me over the cover of the current read, and later she saw me reading--and was so intrigued that I had the book with me in that tiny little device. I guess, before, she just thought I had pictures stored in IPAQ.

She wants to read ebooks. I could see it in her eyes.



  1. An ereader is still in the dim future for me. I'm still dreaming of owning a laptop computer, anything to be able to move away from this chair and massive computer desk once in a while. To be able to go outside, or relax on the sofa and write...well, that seems like it would be Heaven.

  2. Devon, have you looked at the netbooks? My son bought one of those and loves it. VERY small, lightweight, built-in wifi and SD card reader, etc., etc.

    For me, the only drawbacks are: (1)the less than standard sized keyboard. He still types very quickly on it, but says it's an adjustment to move back to a standard keyboard; and
    (2)no CD/DVD slot. But you can get an external one if you want.

    If I didn't have IPAQ and my little second-hand laptop, I might very well go for a netbook and use it for writing and reading.

  3. I freely admit, I don't even try to stay abreast of all the new gadgetry because most of it is out of the question money-wise. I've never heard of a netbook. I'll have to take a look. Thanks!