Saturday, May 23, 2009

L-o-n-g weekend

Boy, I should have been resting up Friday instead of piddling around doing yard work and laundry...wasn't thinking this weekend will be busy!

We have a choir event,

two birthday parties,

a high school graduation celebration,

and Memorial Day.

Definitely should have napped Friday.

So... What are you doing this weekend?



  1. Wow! You are going to sleep at some point, right???
    Hubby and I are doing something incredibly deviant. Something we haven't done, literally, in at least a year.
    We're going on a date. Gasp!!!
    We're going to Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington and going to have dinner at a place that is NOT kid friendly.
    Is that bad?

  2. Thanks for your concern. I always manage to get some sleep. Seldom enough, but always some. I can nap sitting up in a car after drinking two cups of coffee. Is that a talent or what?

    (NO, not while I'm driving. When I'm a passenger.)

    Your date sounds like a great idea, Jennifer! Good for you!! ;)

  3. Not much going on here. But have a great one yourself!

  4. Oh, Mary--you're having a quiet weekend? Yay! Have a helping of quiet for me, wouldja?