Saturday, May 9, 2009

No dusting required

You may recall I've been cleaning out closets and getting rid of extranea (my new favorite, though made-up, word). But Mother's Day is nearly upon us, and I'd like to offer a gift suggestion for anyone who is desperate to buy a gift for a mom like me (or, in fact, for the actual me).

It doesn't require dusting if you use it correctly, storage is minimal, and it always brings a smile (at least when I'm the one receiving it). Answer: Car wash gift certificates. I love these things!

My favorite local car wash sells the certificates in multiples for a lower price than if you buy one at a time. And they come in a little envelope with a cute picture on it. Ready-made gift. I put them in Liberty Ann's side pocket, and anytime she's in need of a bath, she gets it. Each time I use one, I appreciate the giver.

So, do with this suggestion what you will. I hope it'll make a few moms out there happy! As for me, since my son doesn't predictably read the blog, could someone please forward him the url?



  1. Yes. Let me know how to get in touch with this son. I'll clue him in. I just received a coupon book from my son. He couldn't wait until tomorrow :-) It has a coupon for cleaning off the dinner table, one giant hug, 3 kisses, and such. I told him I was going to make copies of the coupons so I'll never run out.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer!

    Your coupon book sounds awesome! Watch out--maybe your son printed identifying numbers on each coupon to avoid potential fraudulent activity on your part...

  3. Around here, hubby takes care of the car washing detail, so I'd like someone to give me a few "Eat Out" coupons, and I wouldn't even care if they were for fast food places.

  4. Great idea, Devon! Sometimes fast food seems like a lifesaver, doesn't it?

  5. The message to read the blog has been sent. Hope it works, You know how I love a clean car!! Jonell