Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Pampered Chef Lady

I know you probably wonder why I'm not a professional photographer. Uh...right.

Anyway, here is Tammi. I didn't know her real name until last night at the Kingfish soiree. Tammi is the Pampered Chef Lady I've told you about. (I think she may have been thinking of me as The Book Lady.)

Tammi was with us nearly every Tuesday night for these events. Last week she demonstrated some of the Pampered Chef tools, which went so quickly I almost missed it--but I didn't miss enjoying the results from the Pampered Chef serving pieces. Yummy fresh pineapple chunks, and pieces of French bread dipped in Italian spices. Tammi's demonstration food was a definite highlight of last week's event!

Last night I exchanged contact info with her, and with Kat and Hope, the Jewelry Ladies. It was a bit sad, because I won't see them next Tuesday night. Sheryl Brennan and I have decided to cut our Girls Night Out-ings to once a month. So, unless I forget, or unless the event is discontinued before then, I'll head to Jeffersonville on June 30.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Pampered Chef, and live in the Metro Louisville area, contact Tammi. She has such a fun personality--and she has some openings for parties this summer! You can email her at glitterfiedgadgetgirl (at)

Tell her The Book Lady sent you!



  1. Ohh, I love Pampered Chef. I had a girlfriend who used to do that, and I always got freebies. They have such neat gadgets.
    That's a good idea for her, being outside a reastaurant.

  2. The gadgets are neat, aren't they? Wish you could have been there for the demonstrations, Jennifer. Those were fun to watch--but you had to watch quickly, because they didn't take long!

  3. I'm not familiar with Pampered Chef, but I love cooking gadgets.

  4. I just received a Pampered Chef Apple peeler and corer(?) at a white elephant party I went to last week.

  5. Devon, it is cool stuff for cooks. Very cool stuff. Some friends of mine have lots of Pampered Chef things, and love them.

    Jennifer--you enjoy that apple corer/peeler. Lucky you!

  6. Well I am the Pampered Chef lady, Tammi that Magdalena is referring to and if anyone is interested in having a party or learning more about the Pampered Chef products or business just email me at or call my cell 502-693-1681

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi there, Tammi! Glad you could stop in and see your cute picture. I hope someone calls you to set up a party.

    Miss seeing you at Kingfish. Maybe something else will come up!