Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They're back -- and they're so pretty!

I never, ever expected the maxi dress to come back. Never. Ever.

Yet, here they are again, and I'm falling for them. Maxi Dresses.

The last time I wore a maxi -- or rather, the last time they were called that -- was when I was in junior high school, right? It's been eons ago, hasn't it? I'm short, so when I buy longish dresses, quite often they hit me just above the ankle when they're probably supposed to hit somewhere lots higher. I think long flowing dresses like this are so romantic. Just what a romance author ought to wear to a summer booksigning, huh?

Well, heavy sigh, the bucks simply are not here for me to buy one of these gorgeous dresses. The only thing that makes it okay is that if I put one of them on, they'd probably be so long I'd have to lop off six or eight inches at the hem.

Okay then, tonight is the thingie at Kingfish in Jeffersonville. Sheryl Brennan and I will meet there, set our beloved books on a table, and see if anyone's interested. We're curtailing our trips to Girls Night Out, and will only attend on the last Tuesday of each month. At least, for now that's the plan.

If Sheryl shows up in a pretty chiffon maxi dress, I'm gonna be so jealous. But don't tell her, okay? I'll try to be very grown up about it. Oh, I just realized--Sheryl is too young to remember the first time maxis were in fashion. Now I'm really depressed.



  1. What makes it a Maxidress? The long flowing skirt? The material? They are quite romantic-except the price. Ouch!

  2. I think it's the length, Jennifer. Midi was a somewhat shorter length, which hit right at mid-calf. Absolutely hideous--at least on me.

    Mini, midi, maxi.You know what mini is, right?

    You are SO young.

  3. So, I'm tooling through my email and my google alert tells me I'm being discussed in random fashion on the internet. I click the link and Whoala! I'm magically transported to Magdalenaville where I'm wrongly accused of being too young to remember a Maxi-Dress. Why I never!

    I just became the mother of a teenager... talk about feeling OLD, but I'll take the compliment of being so young I can't remember when the maxi was in fashion. LOL.

    See ya at Kingfish, m'dear :)

  4. Psst, everybody--she IS too young. I'm sure of it. Just don't mention her name and she won't know we're talking about her.


  5. Magdalena, I love those dresses. And yes, I remember when they were the style. I had a few and they were so versatile. You could wear them during the day for casual, or for an evening out to something more formal. Remember the granny dresses of the very late 60's early 70's? I have a picture of myself in one of those and I'm also wearing a pair of those HUGE sunglasses that were in fashion. Hmm..maybe I should go dig that one up and take another walk down memory lane...

  6. Not sure I had a granny dress, Devon. I'd like to see your picture!

    I did have huge sunglasses, but as far as I know there is no surviving picture of me wearing them.

    As for the maxi, I am so tempted to try making one. NO--I'm such a slow seamstress...but I want one...NO...

  7. Magdalena, I think the dress on the right matches your personality perfectly. Frilly and cute and very feminine. I'm not a dress person at all, so you go for it babe. Try your hand at making it. If it doesn't work it out, it can be a maxi...uh, nightgown.
    Just Kidding...

  8. Jennifer, if I try to make it and it fails, it will more than likely end up as a mangled mass of fabric in the trash. I'm a very impatient (as well as slow) seamstress!

    In a June 1979 wedding I wore a dress similar in style to the one on the right, except that dress was yellow gingham. And I had yellow flowers in my hair...I was a bridesmaid. There was a green bridesmaid and a blue maid of honor. Dang, we were cute. ;)