Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This isn't where I planned to be

Weekend. There was one, right? I had plans for it, too. And then...other things happened. On Saturday, I was over one hundred miles away from where my plans said I would be. It happened again on Sunday. I had plans to be at Point A, but a phone call (actually a series of phone calls) changed that and we headed for Point B.

But I tried very hard not to stress about the things that threw my plans into the garbage. I tried instead to do what I needed to do, and try to put a positive spin on it all. That helped. Stressing would not have helped. Writing a frustrated blog would not have helped, which is why I plugged in the pink sandals blog for yesterday.

On Monday, I was just a few miles from where I planned to be. I was at a funeral, which of course is never in anyone's plans. But I was privileged to attend the beautiful celebration of life for a dear friend's father.

I can't say that what I plan is necessarily better than the way things turn out. I even wonder if it's possible I'm finally growing up a bit. I still allow myself to make plans, but now I add the caveat "barring unforeseen circumstances."

Tonight is Girls' Night Out. There's talk of a live band! Wouldn't that be fun? I plan to be there--barring unforeseen circumstances, of course.



  1. Magdalena, no matter how much we plan and try to be in control of our lives, we're never really in control. There's always something that will turn up. I have decided that only the very selfish among us *really* control their lives. They do so by ignoring the wants and needs of those around them.

    I'm very sorry for your friend's loss.

  2. Devon is very right. Just remember, everything happens for a reason, whether we like it or not.

  3. I know, I know. So very right! And when I wrote the blog I thought I was doing better. Then I had a fit of whining tonight. Maybe I'm an incurable complainer.


  4. Control? what is this 'control' you speak of? lol!

    I'm from the school of Murphy's Law. I've learned to make general plans and then be prepared to change them as needed. Sometimes frustrating, but I've finally learned not to over stress about it. *shrugging, I can't change it or control it, I can only change my attitude towards it and take it into stride.

    Oh a girl's night out, that sounds like so much fun. I'm working on doing that with a couple of fun girl friends. I do believe it's something we need periodically for our mental well being, sort of recharge us.

  5. >I can only change my attitude towards it and take it into stride.<

    This is the key, Sia, and much of the time I fail at it. Thank you for the comment.

    (Girls Night Out is interesting each week. No Chocolate Fountain Lady, but the Pampered Chef Lady did demonstrations. The fresh pineapple and chunks of bread in dipping sauce were yummy!)