Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Unlacing of Miss Leigh by Diane Gaston

I guess what I'm learning about myself is that even I can't predict what I'll do next. This is not the type of cover you usually see here, is it? Well, I was accidentally browsing ebooks Monday night and saw this cover. Read the blurb. Had to have it. Now. And since it's an ebook, the fact that it was 9:00 pm or so didn't matter. I bought it here, downloaded, moved it to the ipaq, and read it. Yummy!

I love a good "beauty and the beast" romance. Read the blurb and see if it's one you'd like, too. It's spicy, beautifully written, and a quick read.

The only bad part is that I finished it--sigh--and found myself wishing I were smart enough to write historicals.



  1. Covers really make a book. The picture is what makes me pick it up or click on it to find out more. Now I also look at the author's names-tend to go for those I have some connection to-either I've met at a conference or I've been to their website, etc.

  2. Yup. Me too. You can't judge a book by its cover, yet most of us do just that. Thank goodness for good cover artists!

  3. Darn it. I went and bought this, plus another one titled "Shipwrecked and Seduced" or something like that. Anyway, both were the Historicals Undone titles. I wanted to see how they were written. Cause, hey, the word count for these is only 10-15K. But now I guess I'll never know cause I opted for pdf files and got something entirely different that my computer won't open. When I tried to go back into my account at Harlequin, it wouldn't accept my password, even though I'd used it 10 minutes earlier. So, no shorty historicals to read. And I'm a little ticked that I paid for something I didn't get. I'm starting to accept that these things only happen to me. :o(

  4. Devon, these things don't happen only to you. :) If you bought the ebooks at Harlequin, go into their Help page. When I had problems one time, a Harlequin rep walked me through the whole thing. I was very impressed.