Friday, May 22, 2009

We interrupt this blog... bring you the announcement that I finally finished the novella, Under the Mistletoe, last night. Good grief. It only took me approximately six years...

Okay, not really six years, but way too long. But now it's finished! And I love it! And we'll see what my editor says!

Today I will either clean house (which may require the rental of heavy machinery) or work in the yard.

Mistletoe smooches, everybody!

OH! Pop over to SisterWriters and read about happily ever afters.



  1. Congratulations! Don't mundane chores seem not so bad when your spirits are soaring? I can just imagine you dancing around the house with a vacuum in one hand and a dust cloth in the other. When you're finished with that heavy equipment, ship it down this way. Then celebrate!!!

  2. Okay, Devon, one front end loader headed your way by day's end...or at least by tomorrow sometime.

    You're right. Mundane chores--bring 'em on! Wahoo!


  3. Congratulations!!! Doesn't that feel good?

  4. Yes, Jennifer--feels great to finish, and feels great to do some stuff I've been putting off around here...

  5. Yay, Magdalena! I know you need a front end loader, be glad to lend you mine but it's still in use. I hope you went outside and works in the sunshine. :-)

  6. Thanks, Jennifer! Sia--front end loader is lined up for rental today, when I turn in the bush hog from yesterday. Maybe next time?