Saturday, June 13, 2009

I like it anyway

This is the new shade I created for the lamp next to my writing chair. Uh-oh... You can see the nozzle of my hand lotion bottle, my scissors and pens in the cup, too... Oopsie.

The old lampshade disintegrated before I ever met it, but the wire frame was still good. Several months ago I made a white cotton shade, with an eyelet ruffle, but it ended up being a cobbled-up mess. I tried not to notice it. At least the glare was minimal.

I saw a beautiful lampshade in a store this past winter. It was a series of very narrow multi-colored ribbons wound onto a frame, with beads here and there on the ribbons. I took a picture with my phone, and after many times of trying to purchase a shade for this lamp, I was ready to go to Plan R--Ribbon. So yesterday while doing errands, I stopped in at the local craft shop...

This ribbon is wide, and somewhat sheer. I like the color of the light coming through it. Um... Not sure how the lady on the lamp base likes it--suddenly her face looks a bit sickly. Could be her disgust at the crazy ribbon choice I made, completely without considering how it might work with her outfit. Maybe she'll get used to it.

Don't tell her, but I bought some pink grosgrain, too, for when I'm ready for a change. I think that will suit her better, since her dress is a rosy pink.



  1. If you like it, that's all that matters. My motto about decorating is, do whatever makes you happy and comfortable in your surroundings. I do. And whenever someone comes into my home and says, "Well, this is certainly eclectic," I just smile. :o)

  2. "Electic" is one of my favorite words when it comes to decorating. Thanks, Devon!