Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm finally an architect

When I was in junior high, I wanted to be an architect. I sat around for hours at a time drawing house plans. It was huge fun. I don't remember why I quit doing that... Probably somebody told me I couldn't be an architect.

Well, today I am an architect--sorta. For my new story I needed a floor plan for a Victorian house. My three heroines are moving into this house, and will spend loads of time there. People will come and go in their lives, but this house will be a constant. So I have to know how the rooms are laid out, so I can live the story while I'm writing it.

I looked up house plans, but decided to make my own. I know there are easier ways, but I did it in Excel, color coded stuff, added a wrap-around porch, and labelled all the rooms. The printed result is taped on the glass door of my secretary (piece of antique furniture--kind of a mini desk/bookcase). Also taped to the door is a very rudimentary Excel map of the town.

Are we having fun yet? I am!



  1. Well aren't you just a Jill of all trades? Sounds interesting.

  2. Yep. Not to mention how much fun it is to wear the yellow hard hat.


  3. How awesome is it that throught your writing, you can also fulfill another dream!!
    Can't wait the visit the house

  4. You're welcome any time, you know! 300 East Oak Street. Not sure of the town's name yet...


  5. Mags, I'm very late checking in today, but glad I finally made it. Due to weather, I had a close call with my computer this evening.

    I always loved drawing floor plans, too! I used to draw my dream house. I've been planning to make a scale model of the front of our house so I can play around with adding some kind of feature that would break up the monotony of the long, plain front exterior. I'd love to have a porch, but will have to see how that would look.

    I also do floor plans for the houses in my stories, if a lot of scenes take place inside. I tape it inside the front cover of the binder where I keep story notes. I've never tried doing one on computer. Don't know the first thing about Excel.

    Nice post! :o)

  6. Devon, I'm glad the weather didn't get your computer. SO scary! We mostly just had rain, so lucked out this time.

    I don't necessarily recommend Excel for creating floor plans, but I also know the result looks much neater than what I would draw. Although there still is graph paper around here somewhere...

    I love that you draw house floor plans for your stories, too. Keeping them in a notebook would be much neater than having them taped up, and I may move that direction. :)

    Good luck with the possible porch idea. Sounds like fun! (As well as hard work.)