Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Into the cave

Hey there! I'm heading into my writer's cave. Well, not just me. Dana and I are going there together. Nicola Marsh and Cait London have recently been talking about their AlphaSmart devices. Dana is, I believe, a cousin to Alphie. No internet access on my Dana, which is part of her beauty.

Many thanks to everyone for the comments here and on Facebook, and for the emails concerning Nora Roberts novels. That was fun. Maybe we'll do some follow-up on it later.

While I may not be posting here daily, I'll still be on Facebook and Twitter at least once a day. If you need me for something, please do e-mail through the website. If something sufficiently worthwhile or entertaining happens, I'll pop in and post here.

FYI--If you need some e-reading material, Fictionwise has a 25% off sale on all fiction titles through this Sunday.

Talk later...


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