Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours with a lady I hadn't seen in a while. I hadn't been to her house in even longer, and she was excited to show me her new library.

It's an entire wall in her sunroom, in her big, beautiful old farmhouse. What a delightful place to sit and read! Her husband built the shelves, and installed a reclaimed ladder from a neighboring farm's barn. After cleanup, trimming, and alterations, they have a nifty ladder that slides along a rail installed above the top shelf. (No rollers on the ladder at the floor, though--too tempting for the great-grandchildren.)

The effect is not so very different from this clip art. And yes, she has all the shelves filled! Even though I should have been writing, it was a beautiful place, and a beautiful way, to spend the afternoon. Lucky me!



  1. Hm...yes it was cool. And now I think about it, it was a lot sunnier than the picture here because of all the windows. But you get the idea.

  2. Sounds like my dream office. I'm having a difficult time right now because I'm sorting books, trying to decide which to keep and which to let go.
    I don't want to let any of them go.
    Maybe someday we'll have a spot like that...

  3. I hope you'll get a pretty office like this some day, Jennifer! It also had a couch, some comfy chairs, and a work table. It wasn't an office, but easily could be.

    I'm with you--it is so difficult to get rid of books! Another reason I like ebooks so much. Don't have to get rid of 'em, don't have to dust 'em.

    Just because I like you so much, I won't tell you how many years this lady's project was "in the making." But it was a lot. She's a very patient person, evidently.