Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nature's surprises

Yesterday was not so productive writing-wise. But I made soup. I wanted to use up the last of our broccoli, so I made potato-broccoli-cheese soup. Seemed goofy to be making soup on a hot and humid afternoon, but it tasted surprisingly good. Plus the leftovers will afford me more writing time when I am in a productive mode. Sneaky, huh?

We've also been enjoying black raspberries... on fruit salads... or my personal favorite method--upon walking through the yard, I just stop and graze for a minute. Very exciting when the wasps are grazing too!

Which brings me to a question. Do you know what type of creature makes a nest that looks like this?

When Spot and I were in the yard yesterday, I noticed what looked like a mud-colored funnel suspended from the upper casement of one of our second story windows. I fear it's something unpleasant. Thoughts?



  1. Could it be a potter wasp? If so, they're not aggressive, and actually will kill the caterpillars foraging in your garden.

  2. "Potter wasp" sounds so...artistic and almost friendly. I sure hope that's what it is. Thanks, Jennifer! Somebody's gonna have to climb a ladder and find out who lives there, I guess.


  3. I'd just leave it. Maybe keep a watch to see any creatures going and coming though to verify my guess. If someone goes to the trouble of getting up there, that someone might be tempted to destroy the nest.

    Can you do some spying from inside the window?

  4. The homemade soup sounds good, but sorry your writing day wasn't so productive. Maybe tomorrow (or even today) will be better. I've never seen a funnel-shaped nest. We only have dirt-dobbers(?), mud wasps, or whatever their real name.

  5. I think they call them mud-dobbers up here, Devon. And now I've talked about spying on the funnel-dwellers, I wonder what it will matter. I wouldn't know a friendly wasp from an unfriendly wasp...until it was too late!

    Our power went off for a while during the heavy storms. Now we're back "on" so I have no excuses.

  6. Whatever it is, I don't want one!

  7. Gee, where's your sense of adventure, Mary? Hiding behind a tree with mine?


    Besides, I think Jennifer has already called dibs on it.