Monday, June 1, 2009

Pleasant surprises

Had a couple of pleasant surprises this weekend that I would like to share.

It may be unlikely that you'll find yourself in Brownstown, Indiana in the near future, but if you do, check out Azteca Mexican Restaurant. I chose the clip art picture at left because it's in the general color family of the restaurant, which is ORANGE inside and out. The building is long and low, and nestled into a hill, and when you enter you go downstairs. The food was yummy and reasonably priced, and the people very friendly. I don't have any excuses for not taking any pictures, except forgetfulness. I had my famous phone camera with me, after all. Oh well...

The other pleasant surprise was I actually got some writing done this weekend, on a new project. Oh joy!



  1. Good for you! Yes, I love the warm, bright colors of an authentic Mexican restaurant.

  2. Yay for you for getting started on your next book! But I'm jealous of the good Mexican food. I LOVE Mexican food, but hubby's not crazy about it, so we rarely go. Luckily, we do have a couple of pretty good Mexican restaurants here.

  3. Jennifer and Devon, thanks for stopping in today. Seems the weekend lasted a long time, and I've missed our little visits.

    I'm more of a Mexican food fan than I used to be. LOVE it. My cousin in Texas says I'm not eating authentic Mexican, and I hope one day he'll cook me some of what is authentic, just to prove me wrong. Is that terribly devious?

  4. Magdalena, glad you found a nice place to eat. I love Mexican, and one of our favorite restaurants is in Maysville, and it's orange inside too. I know it's bad for you, but they're so quick. And the cheeses makes my mouth water.
    Man, mexican for dinner I guess. Get in the car kids...

  5. Sorry, I was distracted by the food. Congratulations on the new project, too. Isn't it fun?

  6. Jennifer, thanks for both visits!! I may have to avoid future food posts, as I've been getting hungry every time someone puts up a comment.

    And darnit, no time spent on the project YET today. Other things in the way...