Friday, June 12, 2009


Have you noticed the blogosphere slowing down? First Devon Matthews and then Maddie James went on "blog hiatus," but for the last week or two I've noticed we're having fewer visitors here, and some of the blogs I read have less frequent, or much shorter, posts.

So I'm wondering--am I weird or something? Okay, I don't really wonder that. I know I'm weird.

But am I missing out on an important trend? Should I go on blog hiatus? Should I post here less frequently? Should I board up the windows of Magdalenaville and head outta town? Naw--let's not get crazy!

I do think Facebook and Twitter are great places for authors and readers to interact, and I've been getting into that a little more. Links to those profiles are in the right column here, under PLACES TO FIND ME.

Oh--speaking of slow, the Kingfish events have actually stopped. If the radio station people organize something else and invite me to participate, I'll let you know. And of course if you want to eat at Kingfish, I say go for it. Shoot, I was within a few miles of there yesterday and didn't even have that thought. What is wrong with me?

Could be summer doldrums. Maybe that's what a lot of this is. And I notice that when my w.i.p. is progressing well, I'm not so much into blogging. Maybe all the blogging writers are busy with their w.i.p.'s.

So, okay, this was all stream of consciousness. Just sharing with you what's on my mind about the blog. Maybe it's a good time to slow down... I'm just not sure I want to go on hiatus. What does everybody think?



  1. I think there are a lot of external factors going on. Kids are out of school, vacation time is here, things are needing done outside. Mom told me yesterday we're supposed to have a really bad winter again this year, so they've been stockpiling wood already so it'll be dry for winter. I know we have a lot of things going on right now, and computer time is a precious commodity I can't get enough of.
    I don't think people are tired of blogging, I think they just have other things to do. I think if they hadn't told us they were leaving for a while, Maddie and Devon would have felt guilty about not updating. Now they don't have it hanging over their head.
    don't worry, I'll try to still be here. Jennifer and I can be your cheering squad.

  2. Mags,I think the only trend going on is beautiful summer weather calling to everyone away from the computer. That's certainly my case. Maybe I should go edit my post to say something like "won't be blogging much, unless it rains" which it's been doing almost continuously since I posted that.

    As Jennifer said, I posted the hiatus announcement so no one would think I'd dropped off the face of the earth with no explanation when I didn't post for a long time. I've been doing a few things lately that aren't part of the normal routine. I promised hubby I would help him with some house upkeep projects. I'm also making a real effort to unchain myself from this computer chair this summer and get outside more.

    If you want to blog, then you should continue. I can almost guarantee that when the weather changes again and forces people indoors, the traffic and posts will pick up. I'm hoping to come back to it with the well refilled. I was beginning to struggle for topics to write about.

  3. Jennifer and Devon, thanks for your input. I've been thinking, as you said--people are outdoors having lives instead of indoors reading blogs. ;)

    Or, maybe working on stories. And that's a very good thing!

    I don't want the blog to be a chore for anybody.

  4. Mags, just for you, I went and edited my post. :o)

  5. Nah, you're not work. You're a rare and refreshing pleasure. Always. :o)

  6. YOU are way too sweet! Now go outside and play in the flowers!

    (I'm blushing.)