Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tiny house

A friend and I used to peruse the internet for pictures, videos, and floor plans for tiny houses. We talked about them to each other, we talked about them to people who'd never heard of a tiny house. We probably had people talking about us and our tiny obsession, but we had such fun!

I'm intrigued by the idea of living in a tiny house. One that's big enough, but just barely. It wouldn't allow me to accumulate extra stuff, because there wouldn't be anywhere to put it. In recent years I've come to believe less is truly more. Having less stuff to take care of leaves more time and money to enjoy life. At least that's my theory. Need I specifically mention the tiny amount of time required to clean such a house?

And then there's the issue of cuteness. The house pictured here, whatever its genesis, is so darn cute it could be a doll house.

Maybe that's part of it. Maybe I'm hearkening back to the days of playing with my dollhouse with the mom who was five inches tall, and the baby who was maybe an inch and a half...or the Barbie village made of cardboard boxes...or even way back when I was a preschooler, spending hours at the big old beech tree among whose roots the Pink Fairy, Green Fairy, and Blue Fairy lived. Beech tree roots--talk about green living!

Here are some tiny house videos, if you are so inclined: Jay's Tiny House Tour, including his itty bitty desk, and a furnace that's actually cute. This is one I've watched several times. Just discovered this video of Peter King on Stuck in Vermont. Boy, is he into tiny!

If you're interested in other photos and floor plans, just Google tiny house or small house. Or head to one of my hangouts, the Tumbleweed houses page. Still not sure which is my favorite. Maybe the Harbinger or Loring. I'd probably be claustrophobic in the ones that are less than one hundred square feet... But wouldn't it be handy to be able to park your house in a normal parking space, and tow it behind your not-so-tiny car?

And omigosh--the Cuteness Meter is pegged out!



  1. ok Magdalena. That just sucked up an hour of my time. But they are damn cute! As small as they are , man, they're expensive. 45k for a hundred square feet?
    I'm afraid it would be too small for me. I MIGHT be able to get my book collection in there, but that may be it.
    It would make an adorable little office in the back yard, though, wouldn't it?

  2. Hi, Jennifers!

    Yes, Jennifer M., that does seem pricey. I bet if you built one yourself, you could shave a lot off the cost. Imagine the heating bill--or if you went solar--it wouldn't take a very big solar panel to take care of your electrical needs. Fun food for thought if nothing else.

    If you build one in your backyard as an office, could we have a KYRW meeting there? Well, obviously not INSIDE, but maybe bring lawn chairs and you could give mini tours?

  3. Wow. I'd be afraid to go to the second floor of that. It might tip over. Very cute, but I'm just the opposite. I want a BIGGER house. I'd love to have more room because after 20 years, all our "things" are beginning to crowd us out.