Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is your favorite Nora Roberts novel?

A friend emailed me the other day. She had read the article about Nora Roberts in The New Yorker, and since I write romance she offered to mail the magazine to me. Is that sweet or what? I discovered that I could read four issues of The New Yorker online free, so we saved postage.

Some of my favorite bits from the article: she works eight hours a day at writing, doesn't find that unusual (don't most people work eight hours a day at their jobs?). She isn't a college grad, may not have read your favorite among The Classics, writes what she writes, and if you don't like it, Okay.

I love her confidence most of all.

So anyway, this friend of mine hasn't read any Nora Roberts novels. She is thinking of reading one now, though. And I told her I would ask this question on the blog: What is your favorite among Nora Roberts' books? She--my friend, not Nora--will be reading the blog to see what your recommendations are!



  1. Love her J.D. Robb In Death series. High Noon, Angels Fall, Blue Smoke. I haven't disliked anything Nora has written. Nora Roberts rocks!

  2. I am also a relatively new fangirl of Nora. I discovered her Irish trilogy and didn't surface for a week.

    I recommend the Irish trilogy and Sign of Seven trilogy. Both series have such different feel to it, but I think they show exactly how gripping Nora's written words can be!

    The Irish series are so delicately wrought, and the Seven made me hide under the covers.

    I hope your friend will discover how vivid Nora's books can be. It's not to be missed.

  3. Hey there!

    My fav NRs are her Chesapeake Bay series. They're contemporary with a little bit of suspense, but her characterization is what caught my interest. And held. And held. lol :-)

  4. My favorites for romance are the Chesapeake Bay series, and the Irish trilogy that starts with Jewels of the Sun. I also love love love her J.D. Robb books. And, basically, everything Nora has every written, lol.

  5. Wow! Welcome to Magdalenaville, Sandra, Babz, Kate, and Phyllis! Thank you for sharing your favorite Nora and J.D. Robb titles with us this morning! What fun this is...

  6. Many thanks to the lovely people on Twitter who are Re-Tweeting about this...Sandra, thanks! and Teresa Medeiros (!), who not only did a RT, but also listed her fave Nora novel answer on Twitter: HONEST ILLUSIONS.


  7. Hard one, there. I would have to say any of the JD Robb stories. They have a harder edge that I like.

  8. Gosh, it's many years since I read Nora. But I think the last book of hers I read was titled "Montana Skies" or maybe "Sky." It was a murder/serial killer story set on a contempory ranch.

  9. Hey there, Jennifer and Devon! Thank you for casting your votes.

    Sorry I had to be away from the computer so much of the day, everybody. That's frustrating... Kinda like inviting people over and then letting them fix their own dinner.

  10. I've never read one! I think I do own a few though.

  11. I guess you're too busy with your fancy shoes, Jennifer! ;)

    If anybody hasn't seen Jennifer's new shoes, head over to her blog and check them out...if you dare!

  12. I've read about every book Nora Roberts wrote and quite a few of her JD Robb stories. I do have my favorites.

    Series? I loved and have reread Gallaghers or Ardmore,(jewels of the sun, etc), Born In Trilogy, Three Sisters Island, Key trilogy, and Dream trilogy. These are my favorites of her series. I've read and reread them and it's always like going to 'visit' the area.

    Indivual stories, Blue Smoke,Tribute, Private Scandals, and Montana Sky.

    The thing about Nora's writing is her excellent characterization. The relationships/dynamics between siblings and friends as close a siblings is outstanding. She has a gift of putting you in a place or time and making it real.

    Happy reading to your friend, Magdalena!

  13. WOW! Lots of good suggestions, Sia. Thanks for these!

  14. All right, I have a list and am going to try my first Nora Roberts. I'll report it... (and enjoy Dana. I had an AlphaSmart, until someone spilled a cola onto her at an airport TSA checkpoint. They don't like sugary beverages).

  15. Hey there, Anonymous! I wondered if you would post a comment when you picked up your list. I find this very entertaining, and am looking forward to your "report." I

    think I remember you telling me about your AlphaSmart. I'll try to be sure Dana stays with only sugar-free beverages.